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Dr. Levine’s 5 “R” Method To Anti-Aging

Have you ever wondered what the “secret” to anti-aging is? The answer is in Dr. Levine’s 5 “R” method, which she uses with patients in her own practice in New York City as well as with clients at Truth & Beauty Spa in Roslyn, NY.

Prior to doing any of the following, Dr. Levine thoroughly analyzes each patient’s goals and skin condition to ensure optimal results.

1. Relax. To start the anti-aging process, Dr. Levine relaxes the facial muscles with injectable products such as Botox and Dysport. The type of product used depends on the depth of wrinkles as well as other factors. At times, a combination of products may be used.

2. Refill. With age, we experience a decrease in plumpness as the skin sags and collagen production slows down. Dermal fillers such as Voluma help plump up select facial features while stimulating collagen production to prolong the effects. We are proud to carry the latest filler on the market, Restylane Silk.

3. Reposition. Whether through a facelift or non-surgical methods such as Ulthera, Dr. Levine repositions a patient’s sagging skin in a way that is subtle yet gives a noticeably rejuvenated look. Ulthera is often used for patients who are seeing slight sagging on their face and neck, and prefer a natural alternative to tightening up those spots.

4. Resurface. Age spots, broken capillaries and other skin imperfections can be treated with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser such as the new MultiFlex Plus laser. The laser works beneath the skin to even out the tone as well as resurface.

5. Replenish. To keep your skin tight, healthy and glowing, it is important to continue a regimen of nutrients, moisturizers and of course, hydrate! Water is crucial to the process of collagen production, which helps keep skin tight and looking full. Ingesting the right food is also crucial to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. View the 5 foods to include in your skin care regimen.