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Will Working Out Harm Your Skin?

There is no doubt that you have heard this numerous times before: working out is great for you! It helps keep you lean, builds and maintains muscles, strengthens your immune system, increases energy levels and improves confidence! But what about your skin?

Well, another benefit of working out is that it improves circulation, which, in turn, also aids in keeping your skin vibrant and healthy! However, your skin may also break out (due to bacteria) or get dehydrated if you do not drink enough water!

If you want to ensure that you reap all of the benefits of working out and keep your skin looking great, keep these three things in mind before, during and after you get some exercise.

Take Off Your Makeup Before Your Workout.

Many of us have a hard time getting in a workout already, so why should we even think about taking a few minutes to remove our makeup? If you leave your makeup on (especially if you are working out after a long day at the office) all of the bacteria and dirt your skin accumulated throughout the day will clog your pores. Not to mention, leaving your makeup on and sweating can cause breakouts! Plus, while some people wear it to the gym to initially impress, it doesn’t always look so good once you are dripping sweat (and your makeup) all over a cardio machine!

Limit Touching Your Face While You Use The Machines.

Although most gyms require you to “wipe down” a machine with sanitizer after you use it, that does not mean that it is always 100% free of bacteria. In fact, the sprays and wipes are only effective if the person uses them correctly. Therefore, if you want to keep your face as bacteria-free as possible, limit touching it with your hands until after you wash them in the bathroom!

Drink Plenty Of Water While You Exercise!

When you exercise, you lose water. So, it is important to ensure that you replace all of the water you have lost, even if you are concerned with “water weight” gain. In fact, staying hydrated is not only important because you need to do so to survive, but being properly hydrated will guarantee that your skin is healthy. Without water, your body will also have a tougher time pushing out all of the bad cells!


In the end, working out will not harm your skin. However, if you neglect to take into consideration what we mentioned above, you may have a difficult time maintaining your ideal complexion!

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