Our Philosophy

Beauty is a combination of math and art, the left brain working with the right. These seemingly opposite concepts are critical in how our minds perceive beauty – not just in people – but in nature, architecture and fashion. Achieving results that help the patient look their best takes a unique eye and skill, possessed by Dr. Levine.

To achieve synergistic beauty, Dr. Levine takes a diagnostic approach to identify the source of the disharmony in a patient’s features. It is only then that she creates a treatment plan that is tailored to the individual, taking into consideration their unique facial features and how they can best harmonize one another. By focusing on the underlying anatomy and the changes that have occurred with age, rather than solely addressing the surface, our patients’ results come out to be harmonious for their unique look.

To us, cosmetic surgery is not about creating a new person. It is about helping you become the best version of yourself aesthetically. The confidence that comes from knowing you are looking your best can propel you to unimaginable heights, like it has for this patient.

One of our patients was a cheerleader in high school. She never pursued it professionally because she was embarrassed by the appearance of her nose. After having a rhinoplasty completed by Dr. Levine, she is pursuing her dream and is a professional cheerleader for the NY Giants!


  • MASTERY: We believe in excellence and precision. It is not enough to be good. We must be great.
  • ELEGANCE: *We combine art, grace and technology to create long lasting, natural results. We believe in bringing your inner beauty to the surface.
  • SCIENCE: *We believe in real results that are based on science and anatomy; results that can be proven and can be reproduced.
  • TRANSPARENCY: Our relationship with each patient is a conversation. We value openness, honesty and education.
  • CONNECTION: We value what our patients say and take time getting to know their goals, needs and reason for being here. We make every patient interaction count.
  • RESPECT: We have respect for our patients’ time, opinions, values and their bodies. We appreciate our patients trust and take that responsibility seriously.


By combining art with the precision of science, we create beautiful and believable results to release the confidence and beauty within.


We envision a world where your confidence speaks louder than your age.