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Non-surgical neck lifts are a highly sought-after option for rejuvenating the neck area, with Dr. Jennifer Levine leading the way in New York City. A double-board certified facial plastic surgeon on the Upper East Side and neck lift expert, Dr. Levine is internationally recognized for creating results that look natural by addressing multiple layers of tissue through synergistic treatments. Dr. Levine’s expertise, combined with a personalized approach to patient care, makes her practice the go-to choice for those considering non-surgical neck rejuvenation, as well as surgical intervention, if necessary.

Signs of aging

Aging, environmental factors, and genetics can all contribute to changes in the neck’s appearance, such as skin laxity, excess submental fat appearing as a double chin, and wrinkles.


A non-surgical neck lift or neck skin tightening is typically a combination of non-invasive procedures aimed at improving the appearance of the neck area. These treatments can tighten loose skin on the neck, reduce fat, and smooth wrinkles, revitalizing one of the first areas to show aging. Technologies and techniques such as Ultherapy, Emface, CoolSculpting, Kybella injections, and laser treatments work together to achieve a more youthful contour and appearance.


The primary benefit of non-surgical neck lifts is the significant reduction in downtime. Patients can often return to their daily activities immediately, avoiding the lengthy recovery periods associated with surgical options. Non-surgical methods offer gradual, natural-looking improvements, allowing for subtle yet noticeable rejuvenation. Additionally, individuals who cannot get surgery for medical reasons are able to benefit from non-invasive neck sculpting procedures.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for non-surgical neck lifts are individuals who are beginning to notice signs of aging in the neck area but do not require the extensive changes a surgical lift provides. This includes people with mild to moderate skin laxity, excess submental fat, and those looking to improve the overall texture and tone of their neck skin. Patients should have realistic expectations about the outcomes of non-surgical treatments and be in good overall health.


Ultherapy is a leading non-invasive treatment for non-surgical neck lifts and neck skin tightening. One of the primary benefits of Ultherapy is its ability to provide noticeable non-surgical neck rejuvenation in a single session and with no downtime, making it an excellent option for those looking to improve their appearance without the risks and recovery time associated with surgery. Ultherapy is particularly effective for individuals with mild to moderate skin laxity, offering a significant improvement in skin texture and firmness.

How Ultherapy Works

Considered the Gold Standard in skin tightening, it uses focused ultrasound energy to target the deep layers of skin known as the SMAS, stimulating collagen production. It is the only FDA-cleared non-invasive treatment to target the same layers of tissue as a surgical facelift in a profound way. This process results in a natural lifting and tightening of the skin over time, without the need for incisions or downtime.


With its Submentum applicator, Emface is a groundbreaking treatment in the landscape of non-surgical neck lifts, specifically targeting the reduction of submental fat, commonly known as a double chin. Combined with Ultherapy, which acts directly on the neck, it can be the ultimate neck rejuvenation treatment for patients challenged with skin laxity on the neck, muscle relaxation and excess fat in the submental region.

How Emface Works

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The Emface Submentum treatment is designed to address both muscle tone and fat reduction simultaneously. By delivering electromagnetic energy, it stimulates muscle contractions in the treatment area, effectively toning and lifting the underlying muscles of the neck and jawline. Concurrently, the synchronized RF energy targets and heats fat cells, leading to permanent fat reduction in the area.

The Emface cheek applicators are engaged at the same time, providing a lifting effect that further contours the jawline, delivering comprehensive rejuvenation and facial contouring effect.


Botox, a neuromodulator, works by temporarily relaxing the muscles beneath the skin’s surface. When injected into specific areas of the neck, it can smooth out wrinkles, reduce the prominence of platysmal bands, and contribute to an overall tighter appearance. This non-surgical approach to neck lifting not only diminishes signs of aging but also helps to prevent the formation of new lines and wrinkles by limiting muscle contractions.

Dr. Levine uses Botox to address the visible signs of aging in the neck, such as horizontal necklace lines and the appearance of platysmal bands, which are often referred to as “turkey neck.” This minimally invasive treatment can significantly improve the contour and smoothness of the neck, contributing to a more youthful and lifted appearance.

For comprehensive neck rejuvenation, Botox can be combined with other non-surgical treatments, such as Ultherapy, Emface or laser therapies.

Neck Sculpting

For patients challenged with excess submental fat and looking for a sculpted, refined neck profile, CoolSculpting Elite, SculpSure, and Kybella offer targeted solutions that complement the skin tightening benefits of Ultherapy and muscle toning of Emface.

CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite is the latest advancement in the CoolSculpting technology, providing a more efficient and effective approach to fat reduction. It’s specifically designed to target and eliminate fat cells through a process called cryolipolysis, which freezes fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. Ideal for reducing submental fat, CoolSculpting Elite can sculpt a sleeker neck profile with no downtime, making it a convenient option for those seeking significant aesthetic improvements.


SculpSure uses laser technology to heat and destroy fat cells in the targeted area, offering a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. This treatment is particularly effective for addressing stubborn fat deposits under the chin and around the neck. With SculpSure, patients can achieve a more defined jawline and neck contour through a series of short treatments, each typically lasting about 25 minutes, with no downtime required.


Kybella is a popular injectable treatment that specifically targets fat cells in the submental area. Composed of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat, Kybella effectively reduces fat under the chin. A series of injections are administered over several sessions, gradually improving the contour of the neck and jawline by permanently eliminating fat cells.

Fat Reduction

While CoolSculpting Elite, SculpSure, and Kybella are all effective fat reduction options for non-surgical neck sculpting, they each have their unique applications. Dr. Jennifer Levine tailors a personalized plan for each patient that meets their unique facial anatomy, needs and aesthetic goals.

Laser Treatments

Skin texture and tone play a significant role in neck rejuvenation. Dr. Levine offers a comprehensive array of laser treatments designed to complement non-surgical neck lifts by enhancing skin texture, tone, and overall neck appearance.

These state-of-the-art laser resurfacing treatments, including Frax 1550 and Frax 1940, Photofacial, BBL Hero, NanoLaserPeel, MicroLaserPeel, ProFractional, and ContourTRL, are tailored to address various skin concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles to uneven pigmentation and skin laxity.


While non-surgical neck rejuvenation techniques offer significant benefits for those seeking to improve the appearance of their neck without downtime, there are situations where a surgical neck lift might be the more appropriate option.

Ideal Candidates for a Surgical Neck Lift

A surgical neck lift may be considered the better option in cases of moderate to severe skin laxity, prominent platysmal banding that cannot be adequately addressed with a non-surgical approach, or substantial fat deposits beneath the chin and around the neck. Additionally, individuals seeking more dramatic and long-lasting results may find surgery to be more suitable for their needs.


Dr. Levine provides a personalized consultation process to determine the most suitable approach for neck rejuvenation. During the consultation, she conducts a thorough assessment of the neck’s skin quality, elasticity, and overall facial anatomy. Patients are encouraged to discuss their aesthetic concerns, lifestyle factors, and long-term goals. Based on this comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Levine will recommend a tailored treatment plan, which may include non-surgical options, a surgical neck lift, or a combination of both to achieve the desired outcome.

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