Patient Portal

We are now using a patient portal and we will need you to enter your demographics, insurance and medical history online prior to your appointment. The simple steps to enter your information are as follows:

  • The website link below will take you to the login page for MyPatientVisit. If you are a new user and have not yet created an account, please select the option at the bottom of the initial login screen for “Create One Here”. You will then be guided through creating a login for our site. You can either register using your email address that you provided to the office or you can register by creating a username and entering a security code provided to you from the office.
  • IF REGISTERING USING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS:You will need to enter your email address (same as what you provided to the office when making your appointment), First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth. You will be sent a confirmation email as well as an email with your Safe Health Code. Once you enter the safe health code and connect you will see your dashboard for MyPatientVisit.
  • IF REGISTERING USING A USERNAME AND SECURITY CODE:You will create your own username, password, and enter your First Name, Last Name (same as name on insurance card). You will then complete 3 security questions of your choosing. Lastly you will enter the security code provided by the office and connect to see your dashboard for MyPatientVisit.
  • Click Pre-Register and you will be prompted to enter demographics, insurance and medical history information.
  • Ready to go! Please click here to get started!

Practice website link:
Practice ID: HJXAUL

Please rest assured that all information provided is kept confidential, secure, and HIPAA compliant.

Please call the office at 646-362-5245 if you have any questions.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you at your appointment.