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Best Beauty Deals for Black Friday

If you’ve been craving a positive change in your life, see how “Believable Beauty” can make you feel confident and look your best. Dr. Jennifer Levine is a premiere New York City facial plastic surgeon who knows that beauty comes from within and gives each patient results that are achievable and natural. Give yourself or someone you love this gift of confidence with amazing beauty deals this Black Friday!


When it comes to synergistic beauty, let’s look at it as a combination of art and math. Our minds consider beauty in everything from architecture, fashion and even nature by using these opposite concepts to evaluate it. Dr. Levine creates synergistic beauty for her patients with a keen eye in her diagnostic evaluation, focusing on anything disharmonious in the features of a patient and creating a customized treatment plan. She takes into consideration their underlying anatomy and how aging has changed the facial features to create a look that is ideal for that person.


Isn’t it time to treat yourself to a new look? You, only better? Dr. Levine is making it possible to take the leap with Black Friday bundles that will make a real difference.


If you have acne-prone skin and deal with breakouts, Dr. Levine is offering an Acne Treatment Special consisting of three photofacial treatments, a microneedling procedure and a chemical peel. This combination of treatments is instrumental in reducing the appearance of acne by addressing the bacteria in the skin and is effective in helping both chronic acne as well as “maskne” – the acne that comes about when you wear face coverings frequently. Completely safe, photofacials use light that is controlled to make sure the proper amount of energy is used and only targets the tissue affected. As stand-alone treatments, these would cost $2550 but bundled together, the cost is $2100 for a savings of $450.


If age spots or dark spots are your skin nemesis, The Hyperpigmentation Bundle is for you. This special plan to brighten the skin and improve the texture of your complexion includes a treatment of Frax 1940, a laser resurfacing treatment that addresses the skin’s texture at the epidermal layer of skin. Unlike ablative lasers, which break the surface of the skin, the Frax 1940 is non-ablative so the skin stays intact, providing a faster and more comfortable healing process. The bundle also includes a chemical peel and microneedling. By taking advantage of this special offer, you’ll save $550 for a price of $2800. 


The Body Treatment Special with Dr. Levine includes four EmSculpt NEO treatments and one QWO treatment. This bundle is perfect for anyone who exercises and eats well but isn’t seeing the results desired due to stubborn body fat. EmSculpt NEO is a non-invasive treatment that enhances muscle tone, tightens skin and reduces those areas of body fat using focused electromatic technology. This amazing bundle is available for $8100, a savings of $1200. It is like getting one free EmSculpt NEO treatment!


Want to give the gift of beauty and confidence but not sure what to give? A Black Friday gift card makes for the perfect gift. Buy a $1250 gift card for Dr. Levine’s elite services for only $1000.


Note: Prices will increase by 20% at 11:59 pm on Friday, November 26. All deals will end Monday, November 29.

Call Dr. Levine’s office at 646.362.5245 to make an appointment and learn more about our Black Friday special offers. Enjoy the holidays with confidence that speaks louder than your age. Believable beauty is within reach.