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Meet EMFACE™: Coming to our office FIRST in 2022

What is EMFACE™?

This exciting new treatment is revolutionizing facial aesthetics! It will offer facial contouring for the face, the way Emsculpt NEO offers it for the body.

As per its manufacturer BTL, “EMFACE™ utilizes a patented technology of muscle contraction and skin tissue heating.” Because of its patented technology, we will be revealing more information over time – be sure to follow our Instagram to hear it first!

Dr. Jennifer Levine will be the first to offer EMFACE™ in the United States.

Where can you get EMFACE™ in NYC? At our office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan!

Dr. Jennifer Levine is serious about innovation. That’s why BTL, the manufacturer of the “EM” family of products that include Emsella, Emsculpt NEO, Emtone, EMFACE and more, have chosen her on several occasions to be the first provider in the United States to offer their treatments to you!

As with all our facial treatments, we expect to develop great combination treatments utilizing the contouring power of EMFACE™ to bring you the best results.