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Weight Loss Injections

At the JL Body Sculpting Suite by Dr. Jennifer Levine, we offer semaglutide and tirzepatide weight loss injections as part of our comprehensive approach to weight loss that combines cutting-edge treatments with personalized care.

We use two advanced weight loss injection formulations: Ozempic and Mounjaro. These prescription injections provide patients with tailored options to achieve their weight loss goals, supported by the expertise of Dr. Levine and her team.

To determine which weight loss injection treatment is best for you, schedule a consultation online or call 212.517.9400.


Weight Loss Injections NYC: How It Works

Weight loss injections work by mimicking natural hormones that regulate appetite and sugar levels in the body, leading to a decrease in hunger and an increase in feelings of fullness. The journey to weight loss with these injections begins with a comprehensive consultation, followed by a personalized treatment plan that includes either Ozempic or Mounjaro injections, based on your unique needs and goals.

Treatment generally starts with a lower dose to minimize side effects, gradually increasing to a therapeutic dose over several weeks. Patients may begin to notice weight loss within the first month, with significant results often observed within 2-6 months. Continuation of treatment and lifestyle modifications are crucial for maintaining weight loss benefits.

  • Initial Phase: The treatment begins with an initial dose, which is carefully selected based on your health profile and weight loss objectives. This phase allows your body to adjust to the medication with minimal side effects.

  • Adjustment Phase: Depending on your progress and how you tolerate the initial dose, adjustments may be made to optimize the effectiveness of the weight loss injections.

  • Maintenance Phase: Once the optimal dose is reached, you will continue with regular injections to maintain weight loss and support overall health improvements.


Ozempic vs. Mounjaro

Ozempic, containing the active ingredient Semaglutide, works by mimicking the GLP-1 hormone, enhancing insulin production, and reducing sugar levels in the liver, which aids in appetite control and weight management.

Mounjaro, with its active component Tirzepatide, targets both GLP-1 and GIP receptors, offering a dual approach to controlling blood sugar and suppressing appetite. This innovative mechanism can potentially lead to more significant weight loss outcomes.

Determining which medication is ideal for you depends on various factors, including individual health conditions, weight loss goals, and previous experiences with weight loss treatments. To determine which weight loss injection treatment is best for you, schedule a consultation online or call 212.517.9400.


JL Total Body Transformation Program

The JL Total Body Transformation Program is designed to offer a comprehensive approach to body sculpting and weight loss in NYC, integrating the latest in non-surgical treatments with personalized care.

An integral part of our program is the use of the InBody Body Composition Analysis and comprehensive bloodwork to tailor our approach further. These tools provide invaluable insights into your health, allowing us to customize treatments that yield the best results.

Alongside Ozempic and Mounjaro injections, our suite includes cutting-edge treatments that optimize results and offset side effects that are associated with rapid weight loss. These side effects can include skin laxity on the face and body, popularly referred to as “Ozempic Butt” and “Ozempic Face,” as well as hair loss.

To deliver optimal results, Dr. Levine creates a personalized plan for each patient that can include Emsculpt NEO, Emtone, CoolSculpting Elite, Morpheus8, PRP/PRFM with Exosomes for hair restoration, and other innovative treatments to address targeted muscle toning, fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Semaglutide injections function by mimicking GLP-1, a natural hormone in your body that regulates appetite and calorie intake, helping you feel fuller longer and reducing hunger, which supports weight management efforts. These injections, when combined with diet and exercise, have been shown to result in significant weight loss.

The initial consultation will focus on understanding your medical history, weight loss goals, and lifestyle to determine the best course of action. Your healthcare provider will discuss the potential benefits and side effects of semaglutide injections, as well as how they fit into your overall weight loss plan.

Deciding between Ozempic and Mounjaro involves a thorough evaluation of your specific health needs, weight loss goals, and any previous treatments you've tried. Your provider will consider these factors along with the unique mechanisms of action of each medication to recommend the best option for you.

Yes, both medications are designed to address weight loss through different mechanisms. Ozempic primarily works by mimicking the GLP-1 hormone, while Mounjaro has a dual action on GLP-1 and GIP receptors, potentially offering a broader range of benefits, including improved blood sugar control and weight loss. The choice between them will depend on your individual health profile and weight loss objectives.

While individual results vary, some people may start seeing changes as soon as a few weeks after beginning treatment. Significant weight loss is typically observed within 2-6 months of consistent use, alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Yes, common side effects include gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, which often diminish over time. Starting with a lower dose and gradually increasing it helps minimize these effects. Patients are monitored and doses adjusted based on their response to minimize discomfort and optimize treatment outcomes.

The treatment plan typically begins with an initial dose selection based on individual health profiles. It then progresses through an adjustment phase where the dose may be increased to find the optimal therapeutic level. Finally, a maintenance phase ensures sustained weight management. This phased approach allows for personalized treatment adjustments.

The JL Total Body Transformation Program stands out by incorporating advanced treatments such as Emsculpt NEO and Emtone, alongside personalized care plans. This holistic approach, enhanced with body composition analysis, aims to achieve optimized weight loss and improve body contouring outcomes, addressing both muscle toning and skin texture to ensure comprehensive transformation and satisfaction.

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