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One of the most versatile offerings from InMode, DEFINE has revolutionized non-invasive facial rejuvenation in NYC.

A testament to their continued innovation, DEFINE uniquely combines InMode's popular Morpheus8 fractional microneedling with other powerful radiofrequency (RF) treatments, Define Cheek & Chin (formerly Evoke) and Forma, offering comprehensive facial contouring.

DEFINE stands out for its hybrid design, featuring both technician-operated and hands-free modalities. A fully customizable treatment protocol, addressing a full spectrum of skin concerns, from blemishes and dark spots to signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. The synergistic effect of the combined modalities ensure significant results with the safe, non-invasive facial rejuvenation NYC patients are seeking - with 0 downtime, or adverse effects!


At the forefront of aesthetic innovation, Dr. Jennifer Levine is amongst the first physicians in NYC to offer the DEFINE facial rejuvenation platform.

DEFINE combines three of InMode's most popular treatments, with each one playing a unique role in facial rejuvenation: Morpheus8 stimulates collagen production through microneedling, Define Cheek & Chin (formerly Evoke) contours the cheek & chin area with skin tightening radio frequency (RF), while Forma further enhances skin's tightness and youthful appearance.

This multifaceted approach allows for a comprehensive and customized treatment experience, addressing a variety of skin concerns in a single, cohesive procedure.

DEFINE NYC | Non-Invasive Facial Treatment New YorK



Morpheus8 is a non-invasive device that uses fractional coagulation to treat subcutaneous tissue. It offers a range of microneedling tips for customizable fractional treatments.

Morpheus8 microneedling handset device from InMode

Define Cheek & Chin (Evoke)

The hands-free facial technologies, Define Cheek and Chin headsets, are specifically designed to target the lower face and neck. Using patented RF energy, these devices effectively treat facial tissue to enhance its appearance.

Define Cheek & Chin by InMode


Forma is an advanced skin technology that offers dermal and subdermal heating. Using radiofrequency transmitted through electrodes, it provides a pain-free and non-invasive treatment. With built-in temperature controls, the treatment can safely and effectively reach optimal end-points.

Forma by InMode
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Dr. Levine Introducing DEFINE

20 Years of Innovation by InMode!

Over the past 20 years, INMODE has made significant advancements in aesthetic enhancement through innovative devices and technologies. Their radiofrequency and laser-based systems have delivered remarkable results for patients seeking to improve their appearance. INMODE's commitment to safety and efficacy, much like Dr. Levine herself, has earned them a reputation as a leader in the field. Having a focus on regenerative medicine and looking to help patients with the least invasive methods possible, Dr. Levine is excited to continue working with their incredible range of devices.


The treatment utilizes a combination of advanced technologies to target and contour specific areas of the face. It involves the use of RF (Radiofrequency) skin tightening and the popular Morpheus8 fractional microneedling which helps to restore collagen stores. Collagen being a vital protein that is often lost with age. Their combined synergies offer a more defined and contoured appearance.

During the DEFINE treatment, you can expect to settle comfortably into the treatment chair as applicators are placed on specific areas along your face. Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Levine will be able to help patients to improve skin texture, reduce fine lines, and improve the overall tightness of their skin! The combination multi-treatment synergistic approach makes for a fast and efficient procedure, where patients can treat a wide range of skin concerns, and age related issues - all within a comfortable, 30-minute, pain and needle-free treatment, RF microneedling treatment. One of the most notable aspects of DEFINE is the warming sensation from the RF technology, which tightens the skin, and offers a gentle vibration that helps to activate and tone facial tissue.

No, the DEFINE treatment is designed to be a pain-free and comfortable experience. Patients typically report feeling a warm sensation from the RF technology - coupled by a slight, yet gentle vibration. In addition, the Morpheus8's fractional microneedling treatment can sometimes feel like a slight pinch. Otherwise, the Morpheus8 is known to be a versatile, pain-free experience for patients!

Yes, the DEFINE treatment can complement other facial treatments. Depending on your individual facial anatomy and aesthetic goals, you may still benefit from other facial treatments in conjunction with the DEFINE treatment. During a consultation, Dr. Levine and her team will collaborate with you to determine the best combination of treatments to achieve your desired appearance.

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