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Aging Face

Aging is inevitable. Wrinkles don’t have to be.

For the first time in history, we have the technology to not only mask the signs of aging, but to reverse it. There are many factors to how quickly we show the signs of aging. From our stress levels to our environment and even genetics, we can’t control them all. However, we can control what we do about it.

Face the Truth: The earlier you start to prevent the signs of aging, the easier and less expensive it will be to continue to do so.

The muscles, fascia and even bone structure in our faces change as we age. Select your age range below to get a comprehensive understanding of the changes you are currently facing and how you can go about reversing them.

Keep in mind that each individual ages differently. To get a treatment plan specific to your needs, please schedule a consultation today by calling 212.517.9400.

  • 30’s

    Your face will also experience structural changes as the deeper fat pads of the face start to change in the mid to late 20’s. It is common to find hyperpigmentation such as sun spots on your face. Fine lines around the brow and mouth can also become apparent.

  • 40’s

    The effects of the loss of volume in the deeper fat pads are noticeable. There may be more changes to the upper face or lower face depending on the pattern of aging. The shape of the face is changing. There may be more laxity to the neck and jawline. View video.

  • 50’s

    The face has aging changes in the upper, middle and lower face. The face has become more rectangular in shape. There are wrinkles at rest, loss of prominence of the cheeks and exposure of the orbital rim. The face looks tired or sometimes angry. The mouth will be downturned, jowls will be prominent, and the neck will be wrinkled and saggy. View video.

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