Getting Ready for a Wedding (Claire’s Story)

A wedding is a magical time for a couple, with lots of planning to do and exciting activities scheduled with friends and family. As the big event will be captured by professional photographers as well as candid shots shared on social media, looking and feeling your best – as a bride and groom- is important. The year leading up to celebratory nuptials is the perfect time to consider treatments to boost your confidence and keep you looking and feeling your best for your wedding day.

Before walking down the aisle, think about the changes that would mean the most to you. If your nose has been a feature you would like to alter, a rhinoplasty can make big difference.  Claire, the Practice Manager at Dr. Jennifer Levine’s Manhattan office is getting married this December!  Claire has always had some concerns about her nose, feeling that it was over-projected and a bit too wide for her face. Seven months ago, Dr. Levine performed a rhinoplasty on Claire and the bride-to-be could not be more thrilled with the results. 

Although Claire has tried some additional procedures with Dr. Levine, the rhinoplasty was the biggest step she took to get ready for her wedding.  Dr. Levine was successful in bringing in the nostrils and adjusting the nose itself to be a bit closer to her face.  Claire finds that each day when she wakes up, she can see that her nose is a little narrower. She loves the definition that she sees when she looks in the mirror daily and is excited to see the ongoing changes as her wedding day draws closer. 

Are you a good candidate for rhinoplasty, as Claire was?  If you want to improve the functionality or shape of your nose and you are in good health, this might be the right treatment for you.  Dr. Levine’s “Believable Beauty” approach can create results that truly enhance your unique, existing features-perfect for your wedding day or to transform your everyday life. Dr. Levine uses highly advanced surgical techniques to bring harmony to your facial features by sculpting the nose and giving you a natural look.  Not only are the cosmetic aspects of the nose adjusted, but she can improve and preserve the internal anatomy to help your breathing, as she is a board-certified Otolaryngologist ( a medical specialty which is focused on the ears, nose and throat). 

Claire has been enjoying an array of treatments, including:

*Botox for the upper face to smooth out fine lines and open up her face, giving her a rested look.  

* Botox for the masseter to slim down the lower face, giving a more heart shaped structure.  For Claire, who clenches her teeth, Botox in the masseter is also beneficial as it relaxes those muscles and eliminates pain.  

*Cheek filler for the first time using Voluma.

*Lip filler using Volbella (she will do this treatment again in December before the wedding photos ). 

*Photofacials using IPL to help treat breakouts.  (Her glowy, smooth complexion has been garnering compliments so she knows that photofacials are doing their magic!).

*CoolSculpting to add definition to her arms, as Claire’s dress is sleeveless. (She plans on doing CoolSculpting for love handles closer to the wedding day as her dress has a low back. ) 

How can you prepare for your wedding day?  Call 646.362.5245 today to make an appointment to meet with Dr. Jennifer Levine so you will look and feel your best for that memorable day. 

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