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How to Get “Fox Eyes” like Bella Hadid (Mint PDO Threads)

If you spend any time on TikTok, you’re aware of the “fox eye” craze. Known also as a cat-eye or designer eye, the outcome is a subtle slant of the outer brow area upward, resulting in an almond shape that is created by a lifted and elongated upper eyelid. Celebrities like Kendal Jenner and Bella Hadid have made this trend popular. In high demand in the aesthetics world, this minimally invasive procedure is easy to attain.

The aging process brings with it a lack of skin elasticity. Combined with gravity, many people notice sagging brows. Once upon a time, a surgical facelift was the main fix for this droopiness but now a MINT PDO Thread Lift will give you a refresh without undergoing surgery.

PDO threads, also known as polydioxanone, have been used in cardiovascular and plastic surgery for decades to close wounds and are completely safe. The sutures are completely absorbable by the body. A MINT PDO Thread Lift is generally used in the mid-face and neck area. For fox eyes, dissolvable threads are inserted under the skin and pulled to stretch and lift the corner of the upper eyelid back and toward the temples. This is done to give the eye an almond shape and at the same time, raise the brow tail. Another benefit of MINT PDO Threads is the stimulation of the body’s healing process and jump-start of the production of collagen to the treated areas, also known as neovascularization. A major perk is that the results are immediate and will last from six months to a year, depending upon the medical-grade thread used and the metabolism of the patient. Using semi-permanent threads in the same type of technique will give a longer effect since the suture material will take up to three years to degrade in the body.

A MINT PDO Thread Lift is tailored to fit the needs and wants of the individual patient. The amount of lift is based on the client and the end result desired. A local numbing agent or anesthesia will be used via injection to numb the area so the procedure is pain-free. The PDO threads are brought through the skin using either a blunt tip or a sharp-tipped needle. Excess threads are cut off. The procedure is an efficient and fast one, normally taking 30 minutes to complete.

One of the biggest benefits of a MINT PDO Thread Lift is that there is little to no downtime for recovery since this procedure is minimally invasive. There is minimal to no scarring as there is no incision. This is a perfect alternative to surgical options as a patient can literally drive themselves home after the procedure and patients can go back to their normal routine almost immediately. Ice packs can help to minimize any slight swelling. It is advised to avoid yoga, headstands, and strenuous workouts as well as smoking and vaping after the procedure.

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