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How to Get Fuller, Thicker Hair Naturally

Hair loss caused by thinning, medical conditions, synthetic products and other reasons can significantly affect a woman’s confidence and self-image. Thick hair is a major point of pride, and while others seek to fake hair fullness using extensions, there are ways to have fuller, thicker hair in a natural way. 

When it comes to finding effective natural solutions for growing fuller hair, we’re always willing to try any remedy. However, not all hair growth remedies are created equal; some are more effective than others.

There’s no doubt that choosing natural remedies is the right and cost-effective way to grow thicker hair. However, not all hair works the same. But it’s great to know that we can address hair loss and thinning issues without complicated solutions or trips to specialists.

Here are a few tips for how to grow fuller and thicker hair naturally.

Get scalp massages 

Show your scalp some love by washing and massaging it using natural oils. Dry particles and product buildup can block the hair follicle and reduce the hair diameter. Sometimes it can even completely block the follicle and prevent hair growth altogether. 

Scrubbing and massaging can help remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow to the hair follicle, thereby improving hair growth. Studies even suggest that it makes you gain thicker hair. At the very least, it feels really good!

Natural hair restoration procedures

Natural hair restoration procedures like PRP for Hair Loss help increase collagen and elastin production, stimulating your follicles to grow thicker hair. PRP hair loss is a very potent injectable procedure that delivers exceptional hair restoration results.

This medically recommended procedure is a fast way to restore your thick and full hair.

Use less heat

Keeping your hair hydrated and healthy at all times is vital to its growth. Avoid excessive use of hot hair irons and curling wands that blast heat through your hair strands and strip away the hair’s cuticle layer. Using your hair iron on medium or low heat is the ideal way to straighten or curl your hair.

Another way to protect your hair and enable its growth is by spraying heat protection oil before you heat it, or ditching hair heating tools altogether. A combination of stimulated blood flow to the hair follicles and well-protected hair contributes to fuller and thicker hair. 

Avoid sulfate shampoos

Always reaching for the shampoo whenever you want to wash your hair can make it lose its natural conditioning oils. Overuse of shampoo is cheating your hair and scalp of the TLC it needs.

More importantly, sulfate shampoo is a major culprit in hair damage. Sulfate shampoos can irritate the scalp, leave residue, dry it out and disrupt the microbiome on the scalp, causing inflammation. These phenomena can cause steady shedding and breakage of hair.

Consider taking supplements

Hair supplements hold amazing promises for fuller and thicker hair growth. If you’re deficient in vitamins and minerals necessary to facilitate natural hair growth, taking medical-grade supplements can help prevent hair loss and improve growth. 

One supplement that has shown great promise in growing hair naturally is “Nutrafol Women” and “Nutrafol Men,” a hair growth nutraceutical made for people experiencing poor hair health.