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Liquid Facelift Before & After Gallery

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“I’m 33 years old and have been getting botox since I turned 30. I felt like my face was looking a bit flat but I have always been afraid of filler because I didn’t want to seem puffy or change my face to look like someone else. Dr. Levine came from a recommendation of someone who had been very happy with her. When I met her she was so nice. She told me her honest opinions but in a gentle way that didn’t put me off. The way she explained things to me made perfect sense. She explained how I was loosing volume in my face and thats why I was looking very oval and flat. She recommended putting some Voluma in my cheeks and bolatero under my eyebrows to open up my eyes and a little in the corners of my mouth to bring up the corners of my mouth. I was so excited for her excitement. It made me really feel confident that I would love this new more refreshed look. The skill and artistry of how and where she placed the product made my face look more open and ‘heart like’. I look like a much better version of myself. She was so gentle I didn’t feel a thing and had no bruising at all. I actually went to an event that night and people couldn’t believe I had injectables earlier day. Since then I have sent my mom and a few of my friends. The next think she will be doing to me is helping make my jaw bone more defined with some botox and ulthera. I can’t wait! She is truly the best Plastic Surgeon!” – Anonymous