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Meet VOLUX: The New Way to Contour the Jawline

VOLUX is a revolutionary new hyaluronic acid filler designed to volumize and contour the jawline. It’s made from an ultra-smooth, high density form of hyaluronic acid that has been specially developed for facial tissue, resulting in a natural look with long lasting results. The innovative injectable gel also contains lidocaine to ensure maximum comfort during treatment.

VOLUX addresses volume loss caused by aging or genetics, providing the perfect solution to create subtle definition along the jawline. Its fast acting formula works quickly and efficiently, allowing patients to see results right away without having to wait months for them to appear. This cutting-edge product can also be used in combination with other dermal fillers such as Juvederm Voluma or Restylane Refyne for additional volume enhancement and added lift around the cheekbones if desired.

The treatment itself takes about 15 minutes depending on how much area needs coverage, and includes minimal pain and discomfort due to its unique formulation containing local anesthesia lidocaine. Results typically last between 12-18 months before needing another session but may vary between individuals based on lifestyle choices like smoking or sun exposure which can reduce its longevity over time.

VOLUX is an excellent choice for anyone looking for quick non-surgical solutions for reshaping their face while maintaining a natural youthful look at any age!

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