QWO™ is Now Available on the Upper East Side of Manhattan

QWO is the First and Only FDA-Approved Injectable for Moderate to Severe Cellulite in the Buttocks of Adult Women.

Dr. Jennifer Levine is one of the first practices to offer this long-awaited solution for reducing cellulite as one of the Top Injectors in the country.

Watch Dr. Jennifer Levine as she explains more about what QWO does.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by fibrous bands between the skin and the muscle, that get thickened and then cause fat to bulge up then it produces that dimpled cottage-cheese like appearance, studies show 90% of women actually have cellulite.

The primary factor in the cause of cellulite is the collagen containing septae which attach the skin to the underlying fascia layers. The septae tether the skin which, with additional contributing protrusions of subcutaneous fat, causes the surface dimpling characteristic of cellulite.

These fibrous septae are oriented differently with varying thicknesses in females than in males. QWO™ is tested and FDA-cleared specifically for cellulite in adult women.

How Does QWO Work to Correct Cellulite? Watch the video below to hear Dr. Jennifer Levine explain.

In the next few videos, Dr. Levine demonstrated how QWO™ treatment is performed.

Read more on QWO™ here. To find out if QWO™ is ideal for you and schedule your appointment, call us today at 212-517-9400.

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