The Science Behind Neuromodulators

I recently had the pleasure of speaking alongside Jürgen Frevert, M.D. — the “father of Xeomin®” — in New York City about the immunogenicity of neurotoxins.

Immunogenicity is the ability of a substance to produce an immune response. It can result in the substance ¬— in this case a neurotoxin — to be less effective over time or require more of it to get the same response. The latter is also known as “dose creep.”

Unlike other neuromodulators, Xeomin® is a pure neurotoxin molecule that has no other associated proteins. This means that Xeomin® is significantly less likely to produce an allergic reaction or an immune response.

Although it can prevent an immune response, Xeomin® has not been clinically proven to be more effective, or last longer, than other neuromodulators, such as Botox® or Dysport®.

Our office proudly carries all four treatments, because we recognize that each patient’s needs are unique. If you are considering anti-aging treatments for the first time, or are new to New York’s Upper East Side, we invite you to schedule a consultation by calling 646-362-5245 so we can make a treatment plan as unique as you are!

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