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Why Non-Surgical Nose Job Should be Completed by a Board-Certified Doctor

A non-surgical nose job is a popular procedure that changes the shape of the nose using injectable fillers, perfect for improving the size, shape and even the position of the nasal tip.  This procedure can hide a bump and in some cases, straighten the nose. Because it is non-invasive, it won’t remove a bump or make the nose smaller but it provides symmetry and makes the nose look more proportional, all without the downtime that rhinoplasty requires. The results are immediate and last up to six months, making it the ideal solution for someone who has an upcoming event or would like to try out the new look prior to committing to rhinoplasty surgery.

So why not have a cosmetologist or dermatologist perform this procedure, since it involves injectable fillers? It is essential to see a board-certified doctor for a non-surgical nose job because only a licensed professional has the skill set, training and education to give you optimal results using plastic surgery filler injections.  Dr. Jennifer Levine is double-board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, which gives her an advanced perspective and unique knowledge of the human face and its underlying structures.  Her in-depth experience with ear, nose and throat medicine, as well as facial plastic surgery, makes her one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in New York City as well as an ideal plastic surgeon to handle your non-surgical nose job.  She uses Juvederm and Restylane- as well as a gentle touch- to enhance her patients’  nasal shape or straighten the nasal bridge. 

The advantage of using injectable fillers, especially hyaluronic-based ones, to reshape the nose is that they are easy to shape and mold. The procedure is even reversible and can be removed within 24 hours by employing the injection of a dissolving enzyme.  Another major advantage of an injectable nose job is that it will not prevent or interfere with a future rhinoplasty.

A non-surgical or liquid rhinoplasty has certain advantages over standard rhinoplasty.  Bruising on a non-surgical nose job is rare and the patient needs little to no downtime so you can go about your day-to-day life right away. You’ll be able to see results immediately and it is very safe since it is non-invasive. It cannot make the nose smaller, but a liquid nose job is perfect for many scenarios including fixing divots, depressions and dips in the exterior area of the nose as well as concealing nasal lumps.  It is perfect for crooked or asymmetrical noses and works beautifully for bridge augmentation and nose tip lifting. It also works well for asymmetrical nostrils and is an ideal procedure for anyone considering an initial surgical nose job.  The superficial injections won’t clog or change the nasal cavity.

Want to see how a non-surgical nose job could change your appearance and your life?  Call 646.362.5245 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Levine in her Upper East Side Manhattan office and see how her philosophy of “Believable Beauty” can apply to your needs and unique facial features.