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Why You Should Invest in Quality, Sustainable Skincare

In honor of Earth Day, let’s take the opportunity to look at how we approach skincare. Being selective about products you use not only benefits your skin and wallet – but our planet as well. 


Maybe you’re already buying high-quality skincare products – but if you’re using too many, or in combinations that are actually neutralizing one another, they’re not giving you the proper return on investment.  


With the plethora of products that exist on the market, it is tempting to try out the hottest serums and splurge on the latest moisturizers. You may find yourself layering on moisturizers, tinted moisturizers, and sunscreens. Maybe you’ve been stacking serums. In addition to turning your beauty routine into a complicated regimen, adding in new products all the time may make you hesitant to remove older products from your cabinet. How can we give our high-performing skincare products a chance to do their job if we’re constantly changing up our routines? By simplifying your routine, you’ll discover how effective your products are, and how much waste (and money) you can save.


Here are some tips to help:


*Keep track of active ingredients: The ingredients in today’s products are potent, more active and effective than ever before, and will irritate the skin if over-used, or used in combinations that aren’t right for your skin type. One common error that overloads sensitive skin is combining products that contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid with products that have retinoids, normally used in anti-aging. Avoid drying out your skin by pairing Vitamin C with topical retinoids. It’s all about understanding the active ingredients in your skincare regimen. The stronger the product, the more conservative you should be in terms of the frequency of application and amount applied. 


*Adjust your skincare routine with the seasons: Environmental factors and seasonal changes impact how your skin reacts to products. What is beneficial for your skin in the harsh conditions of winter will not necessarily work in humid summer months. During the winter, use fewer products, but ones that are heavier. In the summer, a toner can be helpful when the skin is oilier. 


*Shiny skin may be a sign of over-exfoliation: If your skin is shiny but not oily, you may be losing more of the surface layers of your skin than you need to. Avoid exfoliating daily and incorporate a more gentle cleanser to keep a bit of roughness to the skin’s surface, so the light scatters and shine isn’t present. If your skin feels too tight, you may be drying out your skin by over-exfoliating. 

Dr. Levine recommends the following as strong multitasking products: 










*SkinMedica’s Neck Correct Cream for Neck and Décolleté is an incredible addition to your skincare routine. Clinically proven to firm and tighten the look of crepey skin as well as prevent and reduce the look of sagging, this powerful serum contains green microalgae extract and shitake mushroom extract to improve skin elasticity. Use to smooth deep lines and wrinkles as well as reduce the appearance of dark spots on the décolleté with the extracts of dunaliella salina and knotgrass. 











*Retinal Active from Dp Dermaceuticals uses retinaldehyde, the most skin-compatible and strongest form of Vitamin A currently available without a prescription to combat skin damage due to sun and aging. It targets and treats bacterial proliferation and strengthens and supports normalized function of the skin. Uneven, problematic skin will be supported by repairing, rejuvenation and anti-aging ingredients. 

Next time you’re in your bathroom, do a little audit of your skincare cabinet. How many bottles of products are in front of you? Is there an opportunity to simplify and streamline, producing less waste and maximizing your investment in skincare? 

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