Vascular Lesions

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Vascular Lesions, women, legs

Vascular lesions can come in various types and at different points in our lives. Some patients present with vascular lesions they have had from birth, while others had developed them either from trauma or simply with age. Whether you suffer from small telangiectasia (spider veins or broken veins) or “Port Wine” stains, Nordlys offers an effective and clinically proven treatment to remove many vascular lesions.

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Which parts of the body can have vascular lesions treatment?

The Nordlys can be used to treat various parts of the body, including telangiectasia on the face and leg veins.

How does the treatment work?

Utilizing the method of “Selective Photothermolysis”, the Nordlys directs controlled pulses of light into the upper layer of the skin. The light is absorbed by hemoglobin and then converted into heat. The heat damages the walls of the blood vessels, inducing the body’s natural reaction to remove the damaged tissue.

Which skin tones can undergo this treatment?

Best results are seen in patients who have light to medium skin tones.

Is it safe?

The light produced by the system is controlled to ensure that only the intended tissue is affected.

I have had sclerotherapy without desired result. Will this help?

While the Nordlys is a highly effective treatment, it is important to consult with your physician if this is the right treatment for you.