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Don’t Let Your Hands Betray Your Age!

We use our hands to do a lot of tasks, and it is oftentimes that our hands will experience some harsh treatment whether it be from work or just the environment.  We may begin to notice that even though we are still young, our hands may begin to show signs of aging a lot quicker. It has been said that our hands can show the telltale signs of aging. However, it doesn’t take into account just how much our hands do that can lead to faster signs of aging.

 Hand Rejuvenation NYC

Whether it is exposure to the sun, or simply adding stress by typing away on your computer every day; the hands can be affected by sun damage, brown and red spots or fine lines, or Rosacea.

There are plenty of things on the market that advertises that they can reverse the signs of time and age on your hands. Whether it was a cream, or lotion of some sort, we know how frustrating it can be to spend your hard-earned money on products that oftentimes simply don’t work.

That is why here at Dr. Jennifer Levine’s office we offer our clients Hand Rejuvenation treatments.  When you decide to get a Hand Rejuvenation treatment done, we recommend that you consult your doctor to make sure that before we can begin the removal of any lesion on your hands, that they aren’t cancerous. Once you are given the all-clear we can begin the treatment. Hand rejuvenation treatments are done using the Nordlys system.

Nordlys will direct a pulse of light into the epidermis of your skin. The light is then absorbed by the melanin within your skin and it is then converted into heat, the heat will eliminate the keratinocytes that are located within your cells where melanin is stored. The light used by Nordlys is controlled and ensured to release the proper amount of energy and target only the affected tissues of your hands that you are looking to have treated.

The treatment is extremely safe, and you will be able to see the results of younger-looking hands almost instantly.

Dr. Jennifer Levine is one of the best surgeons in New York City because she deeply cares about her patients and their beauty goals. She believes in sitting down with her patients and going over in depth what procedures and treatments will best give them their desired results. She truly believes that any treatment that is done in her office by herself, or her highly trained staff should be used to enhance your natural beauty and not to transform you into a person you do not recognize.

We encourage you to call us here at the offices of Dr. Jennifer Levine, to schedule your consultation with us. We want to help you be your best self, so call our office today at 212.517.9400.