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Eyeing a Blepharoplasty? Here’s what you need to know.

If you look in the mirror and find tired eyes looking back at you, or the dark circles under your eyes are making you look older, you can make a change that will help you look like you, only better. Enter: blepharoplasty!

Blepharoplasties, or eye lid lifts, are life-changing. Let your vibrant eyes be the focal point of your face – not puffy bags under your eyes or crow’s feet. This uplifting procedure is tailored to each patient, with some patients requiring muscle, fat and excess skin removal, as well as tightening of the eye wall. In some cases, the lower eyelid procedure is performed through an invisible incision inside the eyelid.  Other times the inner eyelid fat pads are repositioned to ensure the patient doesn’t look gaunt or hollowed out. The entire procedure generally takes 90 minutes.

Although a blepharoplasty is a very popular stand-alone procedure, it’s frequently combined with additional procedures like face and neck lifts.  You may also think about having a blepharoplasty with endoscopic eyebrow and forehead lifts, which is the perfect way to improve the height and maintain the contour of the upper eyebrow. Combining treatments is always a wise idea if you’ve been considering multiple procedures, as you can minimize recovery time and only undergo anesthesia one time.

What can you expect during a blepharoplasty? A fine incision in the upper eyelid creases is used to remove the upper eyelid skin. The same incision is used to trim the fat, and finally, a fine suture will close the skin. Four days later, the suture is removed. When working on the lower eyelid, the fat is taken out via an incision on the inside of the eyelid, which eliminates the possibility of scarring. This incision is made in that spot to protect the supporting muscles of the eyelid. To eliminate excess skin on the lower eyelid, a fine incision in a wrinkle just beneath the eyelashes is used as an access point.

Within seven to ten days, you’ll be through the recovery process for upper and lower eyelid surgery. There may be a minor amount of lumpiness at the corners of the eyes.  This is normal. If you experience minimal blurry vision, it should rapidly resolve. Sunglasses are recommended immediately after surgery to go out into the world. You’ll be applying makeup again within 5 days and exercise can resume three weeks post surgery!

Dr. Jennifer Levine is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who is well known for giving her patients results that look natural. Her talents are sought out in New York City for the rejuvenating effects she provides through blepharoplasty.  Many clients are able to undergo eye lift surgery right in the comfort and safety of her office under local anesthesia. Not only does this cut down on recovery time, but significantly reduces costs.

Think you might be the perfect candidate for blepharoplasty? Call (646) 971-0916 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Levine. In your initial meeting, Dr. Levine will discuss your aesthetic goals and the procedures that would work best for to achieve them. With a plan that is designed by Dr. Levine, you can rest assured you will be in great hands.