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Give yourself a Kysse this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time for love. Give yourself the gift of beauty, confidence and self-love with a facial refresh. Let’s explore some amazing treatments to give yourself a boost this Valentine’s Day.

Make your lips Kysse-ably soft with lip fillers. Restylane Kysse will give you natural-looking volume and softness. This gorgeous enhancement to the texture and color of your lips will last up to a year. As we age, the volume, elasticity and color of our lips tend to decrease. A lip filler like Restylane Kysse uses innovative cross-linking gel to restore color and smoothness in a very precise and natural way. It is perfect to amplify your individuality, with completely natural looking movement. Restylane reported that 96% of patients saw improved lip fullness 8 weeks after treatment and 98% were satisfied with the Kysse-ability of their lips.

The entire Restylane family of fillers is helpful to visibly reduce the appearance of facial folds and wrinkles while adding fullness to your lips. Restylane is ideal for delivering immediate results to the Nasolabial folds, corners of the mouth and erase marionette lines. It is formulated to act like your body’s own hyaluronic acid, which eventually wears down as we age. Restylane-L includes lidocaine—an anesthetic for extra comfort during the procedure. 

Restylane Silk is the latest addition to the family of fillers and has smoother, smaller particles than the other fillers to provide subtle enhancements, plus smooth lines around the mouth. Typically, treatments take less than 30 minutes and follow-up treatments may be needed.

Another way to give yourself the gift of beauty this Valentine’s Day is with a MINT PDO procedure. This safe and effective treatment pulls the sagging, soft tissue of the face to create a contoured, youthful look. This alternative to a surgical face lift is minimally invasive and uses sutures made of a biocompatible material called PDO or polydioxanone, which are absorbable. Helically molded barbs are strategically placed in the deeper layers of the skin and the MINT PDO threads are raised to give immediate, gorgeous results. An added benefit of this procedure is the stimulation of collagen in your skin to improve fine lines, texture and elasticity of the skin naturally. 

Consider a photofacial for a skin refresh. It can work wonders to lighten the appearance of pigmentation like sun damage, age spots and Rosacea. The Nordlys laser system uses pulses of light to the superficial layer of the skin. The melanin in the pigmented lesion of the epidermis absorbs the light, turning it into heat. Heat eliminates the keratinocytes, where the melanin is stored. Photofacials are also helpful in addressing acne by targeting the bacteria in your skin, especially for anyone dealing with “maskne.” This procedure is completely safe as the light used is controlled and targeted.

Dr. Jennifer Levine is among the top 5% of injectors in the United States. She is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon, so she can provide results that look natural. Call 646.362.5245 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Levine and treat yourself to some self-care and love this Valentine’s Day.