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Meet EMFACE: The Newest Face Skin Tightening Treatment in NYC

If you’re familiar with Emsculpt NEO, then you know it uses high-intensity electromagnetic technology coupled with radio frequency heating to not only burn fat, but also to sculpt muscles and tighten skin. Dr. Levine and her team at Levine Center for Plastic Surgery are excited to introduce EMFACE, the newest facial skin tightening treatment in NYC that uses the same technology as Emsculpt NEO! What Emsculpt NEO does for the body; EMFACE does for the face. 

Similarly to Emsculpt NEO, EMFACE combines Radio Frequency (RF) heating and High-Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation (HIFES) to quickly burn fat while simultaneously tightening muscle fibers in the face. Skin-tightening and collagen-boosting temperatures are achieved in 4 minutes or less, and the built-in automatic temperature control ensures that the target temperature is maintained throughout the entire treatment.

High-intensity contractions build and sculpt the elevator facial muscles, giving the face a more sculpted look while reducing facial lines.

While there are other treatment options for the face such as EVOKE, which only uses radiofrequency heat for skin tightening, EMFACE’s dual technology not only tightens the skin but also sculpts the facial muscles thus giving a “lifted” appearance. Think of it as a workout – for your face.

Dr. Jennifer Levine has experience with EMFACE and other popular body contouring procedures. As a top Manhattan facial plastic surgeon, she is the go-to expert for both surgical and non-surgical face lifts. 

Byrdie contributor, Ashley Rebecca, recently visited Dr. Levine to try the treatment. Read more about her experience here.

While 4 treatments are recommended for optimal results, you can observe some immediate lift after the first treatment as demonstrated in this image.


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