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Non-Invasive Treatments We’re Grateful for in 2022 

As the vice-chairperson of the Innovation and Emerging Technology Committee of the AAFPRS, Dr. Jennifer Levine is serious about innovative beauty, and our patients love that we are often the first in New York—and the country—to have the newest treatments that meet her high standards. 

While Dr. Levine is world-renowned for her facial plastic surgery results, our practice has many synergistic non-surgical face treatments as well as a full Body Sculpting Suite.


In 2022, we introduced the following five treatments to our practice on the Upper East Side of New York City:


Although we are grateful for every innovative treatment that we offer our clients, there are six that stand out for 2022: Emsculpt NEO, Emface, Ultherapy, Upneeq, Evoke and Coolsculpting Elite. 


Emsculpt NEO 

Emsculpt NEO is a revolutionary approach to body sculpting. It helps to create well-defined muscles without the use of any invasive techniques. Emsculpt NEO uses an applicator that delivers both radiofrequency heating and high-intensity focused electromagnetic fields (HIFEM), simultaneously. The radio-frequency energy causes a rise in muscle temperature, and within 4 minutes it reaches fat-burning levels.

Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are removed naturally from the body through metabolic processes. The HIFEM energy causes contractions that sculpt and build muscle mass. Emsculpt NEO is ideal for those who are close to their ideal weight but want more defined abs, arms, legs or and firmer, uplifted butt.  



Emface is one of the newest treatment options available for face sculpting and lifting. It does for the face what Emsculpt NEO does for the body. Similarly to Emscult NEO, Emface uses a combination of radiofrequency and HIFES technology to tighten skin and tone facial muscles. The applicators are placed on the forehead and each cheek, where the elevator muscles are located. The radiofrequency energy is used to tighten skin, and HIFES energy is used to specifically stimulate and tone the elevator muscles in each area of the face.

If you want a lifting, tightening facial treatment that will also help make wrinkles less noticeable, then Emface is right for you. Emface works to strengthen the muscle tone, thereby lifting facial structures. This is something that previously could only be done with injectables. Patients usually experience an immediate lifting effect after their first treatment, and full results will occur at 12 weeks.



Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared treatment that uses ultrasound for a “facelift.” Ultherapy uses ultrasound imaging to view the layers of skin, allowing the doctor to precisely identify which layers will yield the best results once stimulated. Ultrasound waves are then able to target the same deep tissues that cosmetic surgery targets in order to promote collagen formation. This helps regenerate healthier skin layers, making your face and neck look naturally lifted. 

Ultherapy is ideal for those who are experiencing mild to moderate skin laxity on their face and neck. An Ultherapy treatment takes about 60 to 90 minutes. Some patients report feeling heat as well as tingling during the procedure, but Dr. Levine’s approach minimizes discomfort. Ultherapy is a favorite because it is the only non-invasive treatment to address the same layers of facial tissue as a surgical facelift!



UPNEEQ is an FDA-approved eye drop that lifts drooping eyelids almost instantly. Droopy eyelids can potentially block your vision and can interfere with common daily activities, such as driving or reading. Drooping eyelids give a tired and sad look, and Upneeq is perfect for lifting the sagging eyelids to give a refreshed look.

This eye drop gives a great option for those who are not ready or willing to undergo eyelid surgery. UPNEEQ works by stimulating a contraction in the muscle that raises the upper eyelid. Clients have reported seeing an improvement in as little as 2 hours after use.



Evoke is a game-changer when it comes to defining the jawline by reducing submental fat and tightening skin. While multiple treatments produce the best results, it can also be a great last-minute, one-time treatment to get before special events like holiday parties!

Evoke uses thermal radiofrequency (RF) energy that penetrates into these facial tissues to contour and shape them. The radiofrequency energy is able to go deep into the dermal layer and into the Fibro Septal Network (FSN). These are the fibrous bands that give your skin structure and support.

The radiofrequency energy causes the formation of new collagen, which causes the skin to tighten around your underlying facial structure. This energy also disrupts the membranes of fat cells (“fat melting”), heating the area to about 43 degrees Celsius.  

This incredible facial remodeling system platform is able to structurally re-organize the submental and facial tissues to give a more youthful appearance.


QuadSculpting with Coolsculpting Elite

Coolsculpting Elite uses the process of cryolipolysis, or the crystallization of fat cells beneath the skin’s surface. Scientists came up with the idea for cryolipolysis by studying what happens to fat during freezing temperatures. It was noted that fat freezes at a higher temperature than skin. 

The cryolipolysis device cools your fat to a temperature that destroys it while leaving your skin and other tissues unharmed. The fat cells are then eliminated from your body through normal metabolic processes.  Coolsculpting Elite comes with two applicators, allowing it to treat two areas at once.

Since we have two Coolsculpting Elite machines, it allows our patients to treat up to four areas in one cycle!


Depending on your goals and the area being treated, each treatment can be 35- – 60 minutes. One of the reasons our patients love Coolsculpting Elite is that it has no downtime. You could schedule your appointment during the lunch hour and go right back to work. You are also able to go back to your normal fitness routine right away. In fact, we encourage it. 

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