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What to Expect From Your Facial Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

You’ve decided it’s time to enhance your look. Now, it’s time to find the right doctor to make your aesthetic dreams come true.


It’s important to do your research about each practitioner online, read reviews, look through their results and most importantly, schedule a consultation.


Whether it’s virtual or in-person, a consult is a two-way conversation that should answer important questions, like:
1. Which treatments and/or procedures will help me achieve my desired look?
2. What results can I expect, how long will they take and how long will they last?
3. Is this the right facial cosmetic surgeon for me?


You can get these questions answered by meeting with the plastic surgeon and their staff. Consultations can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.


Here are some of the things to expect to discuss during that time, and a few things to look out for.


1. Check in with the front desk.
As you first walk into the office, notice the ambiance. Does it make you feel comfortable? Does the aesthetic inspire confidence? Is the front desk staff welcoming?


If you received paperwork prior to your visit, the front desk will collect it at this time, or you may spend a few minutes filling it out before meeting with the doctor.


2. Get settled in the treatment room.
A medical assistant or nurse will help you get settled in the room where you will have your consultation. They will verify your medical history and note any medications, supplements or recreational drugs you are taking. It’s important that you are open and honest to ensure your safety.


3. Meeting the plastic surgeon.
Once you are settled in, the doctor will come in to start your consultation. Common questions and discussion topics include:
• What you want to change about your body and why.
• Your aesthetic goals. We suggest bringing in a picture of a celebrity whose looks closely resemble your goals. The doctor should be honest with you about how realistic those goals are based on your facial anatomy.
• Which procedures can help you achieve your goals. The doctor will do an examination of your features and may ask you to frown, smile, make an angry, etc. to better understand your facial structure, including skin laxity.
• What results you can expect. Even with a photo of a celebrity whose facial structure closely resembles your own, it can be difficult to imagine the final results on your own face. Dr. Levine uses Vectra H1 3D Imaging to help patients visualize their results on their own photos.
• What specific procedures involve. If surgery is part of your treatment plan, the doctor will discuss where the incisions will be made, what your expected downtime will be and what type of anesthesia will be used. In some cases, local anesthesia can be used for surgical procedures like blepharoplasty (eye lift), greatly reducing downtime. If your treatment plan consists strictly of non-invasive treatments, the doctor will discuss how many treatments may be necessary, how long the results will take and how long they will last.
• Risks and possible complications. Every procedure comes with risks, and it’s important that the doctor discusses these with you.


Virtual Consultations
Dr. Jennifer Levine is world-renowned for her rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty results. Since her patients fly in from around the world, she is no stranger to doing virtual consultations.
In light of recent events, for the time being, Dr. Levine has transitioned exclusively to virtual consultations, in order to help patients make plans for their aesthetic comeback.


(Fun fact: A majority of our virtual consultations have been for non-surgical nose jobs!)


With the exception of being able to meet your doctor and their staff in person, virtual consultations are not much different from traditional consults. The doctor can still examine your facial anatomy, collect your medical history and most importantly, you can still get a feel if this doctor is the best choice for you.

To schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Levine, call 212-517-9400.