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Vectra H1 3D Imaging

We are excited to bring the new 3D imaging system to our patients.

  • What is the VECTRA H1 camera?

    The VECTRA H1 is a handheld imaging system that allows us to easily and accurately capture 3D images.
  • How will our patients benefit?

    Wouldn’t it be great to walk into a consultation for facial aesthetics and walk out with a clear idea of what results one or more procedures can deliver for your unique face? We believe in setting realistic expectations for our patients and that is precisely what the VECTRA H1 allows us to do for our patients. Some of the features it has include: Gray Mode – This allows us to view the image without color distraction, better identifying opportunities for corrective surgical procedures and non-invasive treatments. Subsurface Skin Imaging – The manufacturer’s proprietary RBX® technology allows for us to see the skin conditions, which helps our patients better understand their own skin and for us to create the ideal treatment plan for their unique needs. Volume Difference – Facial volume loss is a frequent concern. The VECTRA H1 automatically creates volume difference measurements on the photo of the patient’s face, allowing us to pinpoint the area and find the ideal solution. Automated Measurements – The enhancement of facial features is all about measurements. There are ideal angles and ratios that are recognized as “beautiful” by our eyes. This imaging system automatically creates measurements so that our patients may better understand where they stand.
  • How does it work?

    Pictures are taken with the device from various angles. Then, the innovative VECTRA H1 stitches the photos together to create a 3D image.
  • Rhinoplasty Consultation with VECTRA H1 3D Camera


    Part I

    Part II

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