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4 Aesthetic Treatments to Get Ready for Valentine’s Day + BONUS

Whether you have big plans with your significant other or are making February 14th all about self-love, we have the perfect non-invasive treatments to get you ready in time. To ensure you get the full results by the big day, schedule your appointment now.


The aesthetic trend for 2023 is about facial contouring that achieves a natural, sculpted and #nofilter look.

Dr. Jennifer Levine calls her customized, non-surgical approach to lift and sculpt the face, FitFace!

Some the treatments you can get in time for Valentine’s Day are:


Less Wrinkles. More Lift.

Dr. Levine is the leading provider of EMFACE in NYC, interviewed by national media on this ground-breaking treatment, which uses Synchronized RF and HIFES energies to simultaneously stimulate the production of collagen while building muscle for a more defined, rejuvenated look. It’s the star of our FitFace movement, offering

Four Weeks to a Contoured, Rejuvenated Face.

One of the best features of this revolutionary treatment is that a full treatment cycle is typically only four treatments, one week apart. Schedule now to get ready in time for Valentine’s Day! Depending on independent patient factors, Dr. Levine may recommend additional treatments.

Psst! Save up to $4,800 on EMFACE.

Until January 21st, 2023, you can save up to $4,800 on EMFACE and/or EMSCULPT NEO packages! Peek them here.




Lip Fillers + EMFACE = The Perfect Pair

Dr. Levine is world-renowned for her use of combination treatments to bring harmony to her patients’ facial features. As the cheeks elevate with EMFACE, and subsequently contour the jawline as skin is lifted, the lips can often require adjustments.

Depending on the patient’s natural lip shape and fullness, even the slightest adjustments – or tweakments – can create the desired contour that looks natural.

Full results take up to 30 days – start now!

Lip filler can take up to 4 weeks to properly settle and give you the finished results, so it’s important to plan ahead! Initial bruising subsides within 7 days so if you’re reading this right before Valentine’s Day, you may still have time. Book now.



Reduce the appearance of fine lines and lift your brow for a rejuvenated look with neuromodulators. Although most patients see some effects as soon as 3 to 4 days, the maximum results can take up to 10 days to appear.

We’re excited to be one of the first to offer DAXXIFY in NYC! The first of its kind, Daxi results have shown to last as long as 9 months. Book now.


Show off a stronger, toned you this Valentine’s Day 2023!

More Muscles. Less Gym.

Did you know that you can do up to 24,000 crunches or squats in 30 minutes? With EMSCULPT NEO, you can!

Using the same combination of technologies as EMFACE, EMSCULPT NEO helps build muscle by as much as 25%, while reducing fat by as much as 30% in the treated area. It is FDA-approved for the abdominal area, glutes, arms, inner and outer thighs – all available at our Body Sculpting Suite in NYC!

Four Sessions to a Toned, Stronger You.

Like EMFACE, four sessions of EMSCULPT NEO is usually recommended, each spaced one week apart. Book now.

Psst! Save up to $4,800 on EMSCULPT NEO.

Until January 21st, 2023, you can save up to $4,800 on EMSCULPT NEO and/or EMFACE packages. You can use your sessions for either treatment or both! Peek them here.

BONUS: Are you getting engaged?

While most engagements are kept under lock & key, if you have a feeling this Valentine’s Day may be your turn, you will want to have your hands looking stunning!

Take a picture of your hand. If they look older than your age, you may be noticing fine lines, loose skin, lack of volume or hyperpigmentation. Our hand rejuvenation treatments can help your hands look picture-perfect for their big day!


Get started on your Valentine’s Day 2023 treatments today by booking now.