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4 Trending Aesthetic Topics Dr. Levine Recently Discussed with Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Self and More

As the top 1% injector in the United States and a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon renowned for creating transformations that look natural, Dr. Jennifer Levine has been featured in many media outlets in the recent months. 

We’ve selected the most popular aesthetic topics to share with you! 


COSMOPOLITAN: Neurotoxins for Underarm Sweating


Neurotoxins like Xeomin can be a great solution for those suffering from axillary hyperhidrosis or underarm sweating, as they are designed to inhibit the release of chemicals that cause excessive sweating in the underarms.


The treatment works by blocking nerve signals that stimulate sweat glands, which results in reduced sweating and improved dryness. A series of injections is typically needed for best results and most patients experience noticeable improvement within weeks after their first session.


The effects of Xeomin usually last several months or longer before further treatments are needed. This makes it an ideal option for those looking for long-term relief from their excessive sweating without needing to undergo surgery or take medication daily.


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BUSTLE: Benefits of Facial Tension Massage


Feeling tense? You may be wearing your stress on your face. 


Dr. Levine shared this face yoga technique called lion face or lion’s breath as an effective “massage” for releasing tension:


– Scrunch up your whole face.

– Release and open your mouth wide.

– Stick out your tongue.

– Let out a big sigh.

– Repeat one to two times per day.


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SELF: Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Does It Do Anything?


A trending topic on TikTok, SELF asked Dr. Levine her expert insight on lymphatic drainage massage and if it is helpful.

“A lymphatic drainage massage isn’t going to make your lymphatic system do something it wouldn’t do otherwise. What it can do is help it work a bit faster,” Dr. Levine shared with SELF.


Dr. Levine made sure to note that although lymphatic drainage massage is sometimes recommended after surgery, she does not recommend it to her patients personally as she does not find it necessary. However, Dr. Levine mentioned that it won’t necessarily cause harm as long as you are careful around the areas that are healing.


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GRAZIA: What is DAXXIFY and how it is different from Botox


Dr. Levine is one of the first in New York City to offer the newest – and longest-lasting – neuromodulator on the market, DAXXIFY, to her patients.


One of the frequently asked questions is: How is Daxxify different from Botox?


“[Daxxify]  contains the same core Botulinum toxin molecule as Botox, but it’s coated with a peptide.” Jennifer Levine, MD shared with Grazia. “What this peptide allows it to do is to attach to the receptor more effectively and also hang around longer so this translates into longer-lasting results for patients.”


Here is what one patient had to say about her experience with DAXI:


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