Fat Transfer

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Fat Transfer New York, NY

As we age, facial volume loss can occur and is most pronounced around the eyes, cheeks, lips and the jawline. For individuals seeking a natural solution, fat transfer from an area with unwanted fat to an area suffering from volume loss can be a great choice. Learn more below and contact us for a consultation.


Also known as fat grafting, the goal of a fat transfer is to move fat from an unwanted area to an area that needs more volume.

Treatment Areas

  •  crows’ feet
  •  under eye bags
  •  ‘sunken’ cheeks
  •  fatigued look
  •  fine lines and wrinkles
  •  frown lines


Fat transfer essentially involves three steps – liposuction to collect the fat from an unwanted area, isolation of the fat cells through centrifugation, and the re-injection of the fat cells into a specific area. Fat is harvested from a “donor site” such as the hip, lower abdomen, thighs or lower back under local anesthesia. After isolating the fat cells, they are injected into the “recipient site” such as cheeks, nasolabial folds and the jawline.


Soreness can be experienced at the donor and recipient sites for up to 3 days.


Fat transfer treatment is safe and natural as you are being injected with your own body’s material. It is important to have an experienced professional complete this treatment as proper placement of fat in the recipient sites is crucial for optimal results.

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