Buccal Fat Removal

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If being told you have a ‘baby face’ no longer feels cute, buccal fat removal may be the ideal procedure for you. Completed in the comfort of our private operating room, buccal fat excision takes approximately 30 minutes and can be completed under local anesthesia. The removal is completed through an incision inside the mouth that is under an inch long and closed with dissolvable sutures.

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Buccal fat excision is a surgical facial contouring procedure where unwanted fat deposits in the cheek area are removed.The buccal fat pad is located between the cheek and jawbones, contributing to what is commonly known as “chipmunk cheeks.” Removing excess fat in the area provides more definition to the cheek bones, while also contouring the jawline. Dr. Levine was interviewed by Allure when the procedure became popular on social media for achieving a no-filter, contoured appearance. To achieve results that look natural and complete, Dr. Levine often combines other treatments with this procedure.


  • Provides definition to the jawline
  • Provides contour to the cheekbones
  • Leaner, more defined appearance to the face
  • Permanent results
  • Completed in our private operating room under local anesthesia
  • Minimal recovery time

By The Numbers

Dr. Jennifer Levine has performed tens of thousands of facial cosmetic procedures, recognized for achieving results that look natural!

  • 10,000+ Nasal Procedures
  • 15,000+ Blepharoplasty Procedures
  • 20,000+ Facial Rejuvenation Procedures
  • Top 1% Of Injectors In The Country
  • 10,000+ Body Sculpting Procedures

How it works


If buccal fat removal in NYC is determined to be the ideal treatment for you, our staff will set up your procedure.

The buccal fat removal procedure is performed in the comfort of our private operating room under local anesthesia administered to the cheeks. If you prefer to not be awake during the procedure, you can also elect to have full anesthesia.

Buccal Fat Excision Recovery

As the incisions are made inside the mouth, it will be especially important to be mindful of activities such as brushing your teeth and chewing.

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Am I a good candidate for buccal fat removal?

Patients who benefit the most from the removal of excess fat in their cheeks have full cheeks that are categorized as “chipmunk cheeks” or have the appearance of a “baby face.” You may qualify for the procedure if you:

– Are of an appropriate age. This is typically in your 30’s to ensure that your face has gone through the aging stage where it naturally decreases buccal fat.
– Are in generally good physical and mental health that would qualify you for cosmetic surgery.
– Have a healthy BMI level and do not have chubby cheeks due to obesity.
– Don’t consume tobacco in any form, including smoking, chewing or vaping.
– Have healthy and realistic expectations of the results.

Is buccal fat removal permanent?

Yes, the removed fat cells will not grow back. However, if you experience significant weight gain, the surrounding fat cells may collect the fat deposits.

Is the buccal fat excision procedure painful?

Buccal fat removal is a simple office procedure performed under local or IV anesthesia, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Is it possible to reduce buccal fat naturally?

Buccal fat is typically resistant to diet and exercise. If you are above an average BMI, you may experience chubby cheeks which would naturally decrease with weight loss.

Are there non-surgical alternatives to buccal fat excision?

Depending on the protrusion of the buccal fat, we may be able to bring harmony and balance to your facial features with cheek and jaw contouring treatments such as fillers, Evoke, and Emface. However, there is no non-surgical alternative to reducing buccal fat in individuals at their normal weight, as it is resistant to diet and exercise.

Does this procedure leave visible scars?

No, as the incisions are made inside the mouth, you will not have visible scars.

Can I get buccal fat removal during a facelift?

Yes, during a deep plane face lift, buccal fat pads can also be accessed and removed. We regularly combine these procedures for patients who desire facial contouring as well as to rejuvenate their appearance.

What facial contouring treatments can be combined with buccal fat excision?

It depends! During your consultation with Dr. Levine, you will collaborate on the best plan for your specific aesthetic goals. Some procedures and treatments that are regularly combined with buccal fat removal include:

– Face Lift
– Neck Liposuction
– Cheek Filler
– Emface
– Evoke
– Jaw Contouring Filler

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