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A Wedding Story: Claire’s Journey to the Big Day

I do!

If you got engaged over the holidays or you’re actively organizing your wedding, congratulations! According to the CDC, there were over 2 million marriages in 2019. That’s a stunning number of nuptials.

Of course, the most important wedding is the one that you’ve dreamed of, the one that makes you smile when you think about it. We know firsthand what an exciting time it is for a bride and groom as Claire, the Practice Manager here at Dr. Jennifer Levine’s Manhattan office became a gorgeous bride this December. It has been a joy to watch her prepare for her big day and transform from a confident fiancé to a glowing Mrs. 

In early 2021, Claire began her journey with Dr. Levine to become the bride she has always wanted to be. The biggest procedure that Claire opted for was a rhinoplasty as she had concerns that her nose was over-projected and slightly wide for her face. Dr. Levine was able to adjust the nose itself to be closer to Claire’s face as well as bringing in her nostrils. Claire was thrilled with the definition that Dr. Levine was able to give her. 

Dr. Levine created a personalized treatment strategy for Claire to enjoy during the year leading up to her wedding which included:

*Botox for the upper face to smooth lines, open up her face and give her a restful look. 

*Botox for the masseter to slim the lower face, giving Claire a more heart-shaped structure as well as relieve pain caused by teeth clenching.

*3 Photofacials using IPL to treat breakouts plus a customized facial with dermaplaning to exfoliate the epidermis and reveal smooth, bright skin.

*Cheek filler using Voluma.

*Lip fillers using Volbella, perfect right before those important wedding photos.

*3 Frax 1940 treatments to smooth and rejuvenate skin using a laser beam to target the shallow, epidermal layer of skin.

*Evoke for lower face and submental adding contour and facial sculpting non-invasively.

*CoolSculpting to provide definition to Claire’s arms in her sleeveless wedding gown. 

*EmSculpt NEO for the abdomen to build muscle and reduce fat with no downtime or pain.

If you would like to be a glowing bride like Claire on your wedding day, it is ideal to start the process a year in advance, especially if you’re considering any procedures that require sedation or anesthesia. This will give you ample time to recover from more complex surgical procedures and allow the time needed for full results to be visible, without swelling altering the final product. Keep in mind the procedures you are considering as you schedule events like dress fittings, as your dress will fit differently after having a breast augmentation or body contouring procedures. Think about the concerns that you would like to address and also consider non-surgical options that provide fast results that last.

Are you ready to start prepping for your wedding day? Call 646.362.5245 and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Levine, who will help you look and feel your best for that special day.