Back to School: How to get into your beauty routine

The kids are back in school, so let’s talk about the importance of getting into a beauty routine and actually sticking to it. We hate to say this, but it takes a lot more than simply washing your face and applying moisturizer on a daily basis to keep your skin in good condition. 

Dr. Jennifer Levine and her team work hard to provide the busy people of New York a wide range of non-surgical treatments that help to put your best face out there. One such treatment is Botox,

which serves to prevent signs of aging by injecting isolated and purified medical grade botulinum toxin that works by relaxing facial muscles and smoothing wrinkles

Botox is ideal for treating wrinkles around the brow and forehead areas and is particularly effective in treating the glabella area (the vertical lines between the eyebrows), crow’s feet (the wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes) and horizontal forehead lines. As with any injectable, the length of your treatment will depend on the areas that need to be addressed. You can expect most treatments to take 15 to 30 minutes. Typically, results appear within 48 hours, with full results appearing within 2 weeks. Results can last up to 6 months, depending on various factors, such as lifestyle choices.

If you’ve decided to get Botox, you are probably now wondering how often you should go in for treatments. That all depends on your age, wrinkle severity, and how long the treatments normally last for you. Not every patient’s experience is the same, but the average time frame for Botox effectiveness is around four months. After that time period, you’ll start to see your original facial lines begin to re-form. 

As with just about anything else in life, the best results are heavily dependent on consistency, and the same goes for your beauty routine. The results will only last long with proper maintenance and follow-ups with consistency. We understand finding time in your busy schedule may be challenging, so Dr. Levine created the  JL Aesthetics VIP Subscription Programme.

This program allows you to schedule your future treatments in advance and thus making it easier for you to stick to your beauty routine. By knowing how long optimal results should last, it is easy to plan out the next year, taking the guesswork out of scheduling and giving you the ability to secure appointments that work perfectly with your schedule.

We know it is hard to stick to a routine, and Dr. Levine wants you to be proactive about your aesthetic goals, so she created a membership program  to bring you both value and flexibility. You will have the opportunity to pay in full or monthly. The JL Aesthetics VIP Programme is available as a subscription for monthly payments of $550 per month. If you choose the yearly option ($6250) for the VIP Programme, you’ll receive $300 off the original value of the package and receive a free microneedling treatment—a value of $550.

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