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Benefits of Rhinoplasty and Why this procedure is right for you?

Do you know that rhinoplasty is the most popular facial plastic surgery procedure?

There are many benefits of rhinoplasty to get a rhinoplasty in NYC, both aesthetic and medical, including:

  • correcting a broken nose

  • revising a previous rhinoplasty

  • correct aesthetic dislikes

  • correcting birth defects

  • improving breathing

  • resolving sinus problems

However, the most popular reason for a rhinoplasty is confidence. NYC is a competitive place professionally and personally where everyone strives to look their best. A rhinoplasty in NYC can mean the difference between getting a promotion or not.

Whether you are looking to improve your breathing or want to look your best, your first step is to book a consultation with a NYC rhinoplasty facial plastic surgeon. This is where you can discuss the corrections you want made and the physician can inform you of your options.

Due to medical advancements, some surgeons perform rhinoplasty under local anesthesia, which can reduce downtime after the procedure and quicken healing. This depends on many factors, including the surgeon’s personal preference and the extent of the procedure.

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon may suggest doing a non-surgical nose job as well. This treatment is quick, produces results fast, is significantly less expensive and does not require downtime.

However, if you want more permanent results, a rhinoplasty is the better choice.