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Best Treatments for Turkey Neck

If you used to have the neck of a swan but lately it looks more like a turkey neck with some extra fullness, you don’t have to live with it.  When exercise, diet and facial stretches don’t help, there is SculpSure. 

This incredible laser treatment can eliminate small amounts of fat from the flanks, back, abdomen and thighs. The FDA has approved SculpSure to be used on submental fat, which is the type of fat that forms under the chin. A specialized applicator was designed to provide treatment to the contours located under the chin and on the neck.

There are many reasons for a double chin, and one of those factors is genetics. Double chins can run in families. If you notice submental fullness in your mom and grandmother, you may be more at risk. Age is another factor, as is poor posture, which can result in muscle weakness in the neck and chin area. Weight gain can also cause a double chin.

Absolutely non-invasive, SculpSure uses lipolysis as it directs heat from laser energy deep beneath the skin to warm tissue to break down fat cells. Lipolysis is the process by which the body breaks fat molecules into smaller ones that the body eliminates in a month to six weeks after treatment. Full results are visible 12 weeks after the procedure.  Studies have shown that one SculpSure treatment is able to reduce fat in this area by an impressive 24%.

The procedure is simple and painless. First, measurements to track your progress will be taken. During the treatment, you’ll feel some chilliness and a bit of warmth in the chin area. A plan will be determined based on your goals. Most patients opt for a few sessions to achieve the results they desire. Generally, treatments take just under a half hour so you can have it done at lunchtime and return to your day with no downtime. (You won’t even miss that evening Peloton spin class with Denis Morton because there’s no anesthesia involved!)

A huge benefit of SculpSure is that it effectively destroys fat cells permanently. When you achieve the results you desire, you won’t have to return for additional maintenance treatments. Patients also love that the procedure not only eliminates their double chin, but it improves the appearance of loose skin in that area. 

If you want to improve your profile, you may be a perfect candidate for SculpSure. The smallest amount of fat in the area under the chin can distort your profile. This procedure can restore your youthful, defined look. Since results gradually appear, your look will be natural as if you haven’t had any work done.

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