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Body Sculpting for Summer

“A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.”  – John Mayer 

That summer feeling is so close you can nearly taste it. Prepping now for an amazing summer filled with lazy days on the beach, BBQs with friends and glorious warm evenings under the stars listening to music is worth putting in some effort for now. One of the most effective ways to get summer-ready is body sculpting. Since results can take a few weeks to appear, now is the perfect time to dive in and reveal your best self.

EmSculpt Neo is a popular way to contour your body in a non-invasive way. It uses technology that incorporates radio frequency (RF) and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to accomplish two main goals: Melt fat and tone muscle at the same time. RF waves warm up the muscle, like the warm-up of an exercise session. HIFEM causes the muscle to contract, like an intense workout. At the same time, fat cells are heated up and expelled from the body for good. For anyone who spends time exercising and eating a healthy diet but hasn’t been able to achieve the results that they’re working toward, EmSculpt Neo is the perfect to give you a boost. 

By working on multiple goals at the same time, you’ll find that the results are noticeable and you’ll feel increased strength in your body. EmSculpt Neo is key in reducing those stubborn areas of fat, which are permanently reduced by the treatment. You’ll see an improvement in muscle tone, since the treatment builds muscle and restores lost volume, even beyond what exercise alone can provide. Strengthening your core is another benefit of EmSculpt Neo, which also improves your posture and can help with lower back pain.

The procedure itself is fast and easy, lasting only about 30 minutes per treatment. There is no downtime needed for recovery since EmSculpt Neo is non-invasive. Drinking water to flush out toxins is helpful and you may experience the sensation of an intense workout, but you can quickly resume your normal activities for the rest of the day.

One of the best ways to become summer-ready is Dr. Jennifer Levine’s JL Aesthetics VIP Programme, a subscription plan to keep your confidence level optimized and streamlined. Maintain your fresh look and keep the cost consistent throughout the year. Enjoy the luxury of scheduling your appointments in advance to ensure your wellbeing is a priority. One manageable payment per month is easy to assimilate into your budget, just as your gym or other subscription services are.

You’ll have an array of options to choose from in the JL Aesthetics VIP Programme including EmSculpt Neo, microneedling, laser hair removal, exosome facials, photofacials and cosmetic fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Voluma, as well as two areas of neuromodulators per treatment using Xeomin, Botox and Dysport. Patients can schedule six treatments in a span of 12 months for one price, picking the same procedure more than once or trying out different treatments. The JL Aesthetics VIP Programme is available for monthly payments of $550 or a one-time payment that is $300 off the original price of the package and includes a free microneedling treatment.

Think the JL Aesthetics VIP Programme is perfect for your lifestyle? Call 646.362.5245 to learn more or schedule a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Levine and get ready for summer now.