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Can Non-Surgical Face Treatments Replace a Surgical Face Lift?

Craving a more well-defined jawline? Wish you could turn back the clock and erase the wrinkles that age you prematurely? You’re not alone. 

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, in 2022, facial plastic surgery requests gained momentum with a spike in requests. Although surgical facelifts have been the standard for helping to minimize wrinkles, loose skin, deep folds and jowls, non-invasive options are giving patients more choices to achieve the same results. But are they as effective as a traditional facelift? 

One popular non-surgical skin tightening technique is Ultherapy®. It is a favorite among practitioners  and  patients alike because it can provide results similar to a surgical facelift. Ideal for both rejuvenation and pre-juvenation, Ultherapy promotes the natural production of collagen, which slows as we age. The results are the tightening of skin and lifting of tissue for a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.This innovative treatment addresses the exact deep layers of skin that would be impacted during a surgical facelift. By reaching the foundational layers of skin, the Platysma and SMAS, the technology works on the layers that support the skin.  

For younger patients who would like to maintain their current look and employ non-invasive ways to stay ahead of aging, Ultherapy is a perfect choice. Although not necessarily recommended for severe wrinkles, Ultherapy is ideal for mild to moderate skin laxity. The cost of Ultherapy is significantly lower than a surgical facelift.The results are natural and gradual, so there isn’t a dramatic change. And because there is no downtime for recovery, patients return to doing everyday activities quickly.

EMFACE is another viable option for a non-surgical contoured facial appearance. Four 20-minute sessions, scheduled a week apart, can eliminate wrinkles and give a natural lift without the use of needles. Patients love the end results, including a smoother appearance and more defined, rejuvenated look.  By using synchronized RF and HIFES energies to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen in the skin, EMFACE has revolutionized the non-surgical facelift arena.  It has shown powerful results in the elevator muscles in the upper forehead and cheek muscles, giving patients definition that they can see. As it is non-invasive, recovery time, cost and risk are lower than a traditional surgical facelift. 

A liquid facelift is a non-surgical way to address concerns like forehead lines, crows feet, loss of volume in your temples, cheeks or lips as well as sagging brow lines or jawline. Using injectables like wrinkle reducers, collagen boosting fillers and hyaluronic acid-based fillers, a liquid facelift is customized to address the issues that are concerning and unique to the patient. Commonly used injectables to achieve these results include Botox, Juvderm, Restylane, Radiesse and Sculptra. With immediate results that can last for a year or longer, depending on the fillers used, a liquid facelift is optimal for patients in their 30’s and 40’s who experience slight to moderate signs of aging. 

Dr. Jennifer Levine is serious about innovation. For this reason, companies like BTL, the manufacturer of products like EMFACE, have selected Dr. Levine more than once to be the first provider in the United States to offer their treatments.  For a consultation with Dr. Levine in her upper East Side office of New York City for both non-surgical facial sculpting as well as traditional surgical facelifts, call (212) 517-9400.