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Facial Balancing with Botox & Fillers: Is This Right for You?

Facial balancing is a non-surgical process that combines dermal fillers and neuromodulators such as Botox® to enhance facial symmetry and improve your overall look. This procedure is not just about adding volume; it’s about strategically placing treatments to create a more harmonious facial appearance. 


What causes the face to be unbalanced?


Various factors can lead to facial asymmetry. Genetics may cause some individuals to have uneven facial features, while others might experience changes due to injury or the natural aging process. 


Common places that need facial balancing include the jaw, cheekbone, chin, and the nose. An asymmetrical face can distract from a person’s natural beauty and may even give a false impression of aging. Facial balancing serves not just to beautify but to restore a youthful, balanced appearance that aligns with traditional aesthetic ideals.


Facial Balancing in NYC with Dr. Jennifer Levine

Dr. Jennifer Levine, a double-board certified surgeon in NYC, specializes in facial balancing. Her expertise and deep understanding of facial anatomy allow her to achieve results that respect the natural contours and characteristics of each face. Her philosophy is to enhance, not alter, ensuring that each patient leaves looking like the best version of themselves.

Before and after facial balancing in NYC


What is Facial Balancing? Exploring the Treatment Process

For ideal results, facial balancing with fillers usually takes place over several sessions, with the number of treatments depending on the extent of asymmetry and the specific areas being addressed.

Types of Fillers used for Facial Balancing

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers: These are commonly used in the initial stages of facial balancing. HA fillers are preferred for their safety and reversibility with hyaluronidase (an enzyme that can dissolve HA). They provide immediate results by adding volume and smoothing out imbalances.

Biostimulatory Fillers (like Radiesse): These fillers are used to mimic bone-like structures and are often applied in later sessions. Radiesse, for example, not only provides immediate volume but also stimulates the body’s own collagen production for longer-lasting results.

Treatment Phases

Facial balancing is ideally performed over at least two sessions spaced about two months apart. This phased approach allows the practitioner to fine-tune enhancements and ensures that the face is not overfilled, maintaining a natural appearance. The initial session might focus on major imbalances, while subsequent sessions allow for adjustments and additional refinements.

Enhancing Beauty with Facial Balancing in NYC

Facial balancing is a compelling non-surgical option for those looking to enhance their appearance without undergoing invasive procedures. By strategically using dermal fillers and Botox, this treatment can significantly improve facial symmetry and contribute to a more youthful and balanced look. 

With her dual board certification and deep understanding of facial aesthetics, Dr. Levine ensures that each facial balancing treatment is precisely tailored to meet the needs and desires of her clients. 

Ready to refine your appearance? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Levine to explore how facial balancing can benefit you.