How To Sculpt Your Body Without Surgery + Olivia Culpo’s Go-to Treatment

Even with a strict diet and exercise regimen, your body can hit a plateau and require a little helping hand from technology. We’ve compiled a list of four highly effective, non-invasive body sculpting treatments that can give your body the push it needs – just as they do for personal trainers, fitness models and celebrities.

As an avid yogi, Dr. Jennifer Levine recommends using the following treatments as a supplement to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Known for her use of combination treatments, Dr. Levine may recommend multiple solutions to address various layers of tissue. During your consultation – which you can schedule by calling 646-362-5245 – Dr. Levine and her staff will help create the ideal treatment plan for your body sculpting goals.

Emsculpt: This non-invasive treatment enhances muscle tone in the abs and glutes. To simulate the effects of 20,000 crunches or squats, it uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to stimulate muscle contractions and build a sculpted appearance not achievable through regular crunches and squats alone. Each treatment takes only 30 minutes, and 4 to 6 treatments are recommended. Some celebrities known to use and love this treatment include Drew Barrymore, Rob Gronkowski, Kim Kardashian, Melissa Gorga from Real Housewives of New Jersey and her husband Joe, and World Cup Champion, Allie Long.

NOW OFFERING EMSCULPT NEO! Dr. Jennifer Levine is the first in the country to offer this 3-in-1 body sculpting treatment. A favorite of Olivia Culpo, Emsculpt NEO permanently reduces fat, tones muscles and tightens skin all in one 30-minute treatment! For optimal results, 4 to 8 treatments are recommended.

CoolSculpting: Stubborn body fat can be reduced by up to 23% in a treated area with this cryolipolysis treatment. Ideal for patients with “squeezable” fat, CoolSculpting’s motto is: “If you can squeeze it, we can freeze it.” Developed by Harvard medical scientists, it is FDA-cleared and uses the crystallization of fat cells beneath the skin’s surface. The dead cells are then naturally and permanently removed by your body’s lymphatic system. It can be used on your tummy, flanks, thighs, back, double chin and upper arms. If you are within 30 pounds of your ideal weight, CoolSculpting might be right for you. With two machines on site, our patients can have dual-sculpting treatments, treating multiple areas at the same time!

WarmSculpting: Previously known as SculpSure, this FDA-cleared, 25-minute non-invasive treatment uses light-based technology to treat bothersome areas of fat like love handles, double chin, tummy and inner and outer thighs. It reduces up to 23% of fat and feels comfortably warm, hence the name!

Ultherapy: An FDA-cleared treatment, Ultherapy uses ultrasound to address deep layers of tissue and stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. Typically used for skin tightening on the face, neck and décolleté, Ultherapy is also effective in tightening skin above the knees and elbows.

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