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6 Foods That Will Help You Feel Better Faster When You’re Sick

When October is in the rear-view mirror, not only does that mean that winter is less than two months away and that temperatures will continue to drop, but it also means that flu and cold season has arrived once more. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that everyone get a yearly flu vaccine, there are many people that do not and just hope for the best. For those of you who do catch a cold or the flu, it is likely that you will go out and grab some decongestants, cough suppressants, as well as some acetaminophen or ibuprofen. While these things will work to suppress your symptoms until your body can fight off the cold or flu, another thing you can do to help yourself feel better is eat some foods that will help boost your immune system, and thus have you feeling back to normal faster than you thought!

Oranges & Blueberries.

Most people know that Vitamin C is good for them, but did you know that it is also known to promote healing? There is no denying that eating Vitamin C rich fruits, such as oranges and blueberries, will not only help you feel better, but they are both great snacks to have instead of that bag of chips or cookies.


 Shellfish & Fish.

Certain types of shellfish have been thought to produce proteins that help white blood cells fight flu viruses. And, certain types of fish come with a generous amount of omega-3 fatty acids (which are not the types of fat you want to cut). What’s more, not only can Omega-3 fatty acids help with reducing inflammation, but they also increase a person’s ability to fight off heart disease.

Green & Black Tea.

In general, it is important that you drink plenty of water while you are sick. However, consider some green and black tea because they have a multitude of antioxidants. If you didn’t know, antioxidants are what your body needs to fight off diseases. Not to mention, antioxidants also counteract those skin damaging free radicals!


 As one of the best plastic surgeons in NYC, Dr. Jennifer Levine is always encouraging her patients to live a healthy lifestyle, and hopes that all who read this blog will be sure to keep these foods in mind the next time they suspect that they have a cold or are experiencing flu symptoms!