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Go GREEN – Detoxify Your Skin Care

Did you know? On average, an American woman puts on 12 skin care and beauty products before leaving her home. If you are not careful, that translates into 12 potentially toxic products that are then digested through your skin.

While moderation is key, looking at what is in your makeup kit carefully and replacing it with less dangerous options can help prevent allergic reactions, toxic poisoning and more. Here are a 5 tips to evaluate your skin care:

1.Look at the ingredients. Most of us are getting accustomed to looking at ingredients in our food, but do you look at what is in your skin care products? Gather all of your skin care products and make a list of the ingredients you don’t know. Are you tech savvy? Then make the process easier and download the Think Dirty Shop Clean app. It allows you to scan the barcode of your skin care products and lets you know which ones are the worst for you.

2. Know your options. If you find that your skin care is not as good for you as you would prefer, start researching healthier options. Physicians Formula is a highly recommended brand of organic makeup both for its quality and price point.

3. Beware of Organic. Many brands are throwing around the word organic these days, so it’s important to know exactly what they mean. For instance, are all of ingredients used organic or is it just a few organic ingredients mixed with the same potentially toxic chemicals as your current brands have? Do your research.

4. Home-Made. While we are not aware of any DIY eye shadow, there are various options for home-made makeup removers, facial masks and overall moisturizers. For instance, coconut butter can make a great makeup remover for normal skin types.

5. Minimize. Do you really need to put on 12 products on your skin daily? Probably not. Minimizing the amount of products you use lowers your risk of damage from unhealthy skin care and beauty products. You can also find products that combine functions. For instance, the Arbonne CC cream is a 10-in-1 product combining primer, moisturizer, concealer, brightener and more, while using quality toxin – free ingredients and packaging.