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My Sun Protection and Repair Recommendations

A glowing tan – cute; Red noses, sun spots and peeling skin – not so cute.

One major misconception about sun protection is that it’s only necessary in the Summer. However, the sun shines all year long. While you should be using these tips and products throughout the year, it is absolutely imperative to follow this regimen during the Summer when your skin’s exposure to the sun is at its highest. This is the season for sunburned noses and shoulders, sunglass-tans, peeling skin and more. It’s all a natural part of our Summer routine, but the damage harmful UV rays can do to your skin must be addressed properly.

1. Protect. There are hundreds of sunscreen brands out there, but I only carry the one I trust to protect my family and me – Skin Medica’s NEW Total Defense + Repair.It provides the total sun protection packages: It protects the skin from harmful infrared rays, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as well as reduces the effects of photodamage, such as sun spots. It’s important to apply any sunscreen before you go outside – even if it is just to walk the dog – and reapply it regularly. Typically, every two hours or so is preferred. Even sunscreens that claim to be waterproof need to be reapplied once you are out of the water.

2. Replenish Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Rehydrating yourself properly is extremely important if you are out in the sun as it not only helps your organs function properly, but also activates the natural repair mechanisms in your skin. In addition to drinking water, consume foods that keep your skin moisturized. These include salmon, avocados, spinach, nuts and seeds, as well as fruit – especially water-dense, tropical fruit.

3. Repair: Many of us have our sunscreen routine down, but too many don’t pay enough attention to repairing the damage when it does happen. If we don’t address the damage right away, skin imperfections like sun spots and even melanomas can occur. Therefore, one of the reasons I prefer Skin Medica’s Total Defense + Repair is because it includes a repair mechanism. However, to eliminate the appearance of sun damage, I recommend using our Ellipse laser system, which can painlessly and quickly remove sun spots.

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