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Non-Surgical Neck Lift: What are your options?

While a radiant face might steal the spotlight, your neck holds the real secrets to aging. Lately, the beauty world is buzzing more than ever about the neck’s pivotal role in overall aesthetics. Global aesthetic conferences are spotlighting this trend, and aesthetic powerhouses like BTL and Allergan are crafting cutting-edge, non-surgical solutions to rejuvenate this delicate area.


FAQ: Why does my neck look so much older than my face?


To best understand which neck rejuvenation option is best for you, let’s look at why many witness their neck aging seemingly from one day to the next.

  1. Less Attention = Less SPF.

The neck often misses out on daily sun protection. While our faces and even ears may get a regular dose of SPF, the neck is frequently overlooked, making it more vulnerable to the aging effects of sun exposure.

  1. Delicate Skin Ages Quicker.

From your late 20s, your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin decreases about 1% annually—these are the proteins that keep your skin plump and youthful. Add in UV exposure, and the result is more pronounced sagging and wrinkling, especially where the skin is thinner and more fragile, like on the neck.

  1. Musculature and Function.

The neck’s complex array of muscles supports vital functions like head movement, swallowing, and speaking. This constant activity can stretch the skin, contributing to the formation of wrinkles and lines that seem to appear suddenly.


5 signs you may benefit from a non surgical neck lift:

Wrinkled, Sun-Damaged Skin: Unprotected UV exposure speeds up the breakdown of collagen, leading to premature skin aging that can appear as a leathery texture, fine lines, loose skin and dark spots that are difficult to reverse with skin care alone.

Loose Jowls: The neck muscles also act on your facial skin, pulling down on skin that can cause jowling as well as the appearance of a double chin. Understanding the cause of jowling is key to properly addressing them. 

Double Chin or “Turkey Neck”: Whether you are experiencing loose skin caused by pulling by the neck muscles (often called “turkey neck”) or it is accompanied by accumulations of fat under the chin, non-surgical neck lift treatments like Emface can help. Read more. 

Visible Muscle Bands: These can become more pronounced with age, stress and as the skin around them loses its youthful firmness.

If you’re looking for how to get rid of loose skin in the neck area, each of these issues can be addressed with specific non-surgical treatments, which not only improve the appearance of your neck but also help slow the progression of visible aging signs.


Popular Non-Surgical Treatments to Lift and Tighten Neck Skin


Emface Submentum 

EMFACE is the first procedure to simultaneously reduce fat and increase muscle in the neck area. This treatment uses a patented combination of Synchronized Radiofrequency and the HIFES™ muscle stimulation.

Stimulation of the submental tissues together with radiofrequency heating results in an overall aesthetic improvement of the submental area that can effectively reduce your double chin in a 20-minute session. Multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the desired results.

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Effective Laser Treatments for the Neck

Lasers target collagen and causes it to constrict, effectively tightening loose or sagging skin. Treatments like the Sciton JOULE are a non-invasive laser solution that can significantly improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin.

Did you know? Laser skin treatments are a key component in how celebrities like Chelsea Handler maintain their flawless skin. Read more.

Cosmetic Injectables: Botox

Injectables like Botox are another cornerstone of non-surgical neck rejuvenation. 

Botox, a neuromodulator known for smoothing the skin, can be used to relax the muscles so that visible neck bands, neck muscles and jowling  are reduced. This leads to a smoother, more refined appearance. 


Neck Fat Reduction Solution: CoolSculpting

While Emface Submentum effectively reduces fat in the neck region, for patients who may not need the muscle contractions, CoolSculpting Elite may be a good option for double chin fat reduction.

CoolSculpting works through cryolipolysis, or the crystallization of fat cells beneath the skin’s surface, to reduce fat by up to 25%.  This is perfect for eliminating stubborn fat pockets in the submental area (under the chin).


Choosing the Right Non-Surgical Neck Lift Option for You

When considering non-surgical neck lift options, consulting with experts who are well-versed in the latest technologies and treatment methodologies is crucial. Dr. Jennifer Levine’s expertise and experience with non-surgical neck lifts make her a trusted choice for patients seeking effective, non-surgical solutions.

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