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Saggy Facial Skin: How to Tighten, Lift and Contour

Feeling confident is easier when you are the best version of yourself.  Dr. Jennifer Levine, one of only a few facial plastic surgeons who are double-board certified, can help you achieve confidence with a combination of math and art, her approach to cosmetic procedures called “Believable Beauty.”  

Firm skin stretches and springs back into place, a scenario indicative of youthful skin.  As we age, the collagen and elastin in the skin deteriorates, causing sagging.  Elastin provides our skin’s elasticity and collagen helps to maintain the skin’s structure and firmness.  Our body produces less of both proteins as we age.  External factors can also help deplete collagen and elastin including lifestyle choices like alcohol consumption and poor nutritional choices as well as exposure to the sun’s UV rays and pollutants in our environment.  These lifestyle factors can prematurely age a person’s skin, causing sagging, regardless of how old you are. 

Some of our favorite treatments for rejuvenating sagging skin include: 

Evoke:  This incredible facial remodeling platform structurally re-organizes the submental and facial tissues to give a youthful look. Anyone who would love to see more definition in their cheekbones and jawline would benefit from Evoke.   This non-invasive technology is a game-changer, using a hands-free applicator that sends bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to the neck, jawline, and cheeks.  The dermis and subdermal tissue are remodeled due to the deep penetration of RF energy.  You’ll notice the definition in your facial characteristics.   And because Evoke is hands-free and programmable, it is a perfect solution during a time of social distancing, limiting face-to-face contact between the patient and physician. 

MINT PDO Thread Lift: This procedure is an effective and safe option to lift sagging skin of the face and neck.  Known as a non-surgical facelift procedure, a MINT PDO procedure uses an absorbable suture made from a biocompatible material known as polydioxanone or PDO to anchor into soft tissue and lift it up to give you an immediate contoured effect.  Collagen is also stimulated to help with elasticity, improve skin texture and combat fine lines. The natural-looking result is ideal for adults with a healthy lifestyle who are dealing with aging skin or who have lost weight and have excess skin. Minimally invasive, there are very few side effects to the procedure and the sutures absorb into your body.

Ultherapy:  This is another non-invasive treatment that tightens the skin by working on the very same deep layers of skin that a surgical facelift would target and is ideal to help clients who are dealing with mild to moderate skin laxity.  Ultherapy goes deeper than standard lasers and is used by clients of all ages, not just to deal with aging skin but to proactively stay ahead of the aging process.  It promotes the production of collagen, perfect for anyone in their 20s and 30s.   Called a “lunch-time” treatment, Ultherapy is perfect for noticeable contoured results without any downtime, and the results look very natural. 

Facelift or necklift:  This surgical procedure is a perfect way to tighten sagging skin around the jawline and neck to provide a youthful appearance.  Performed under “Twilight” or general anesthesia to eliminate pain during the surgery, a facelift or neck lift results in a balanced look to the face.  Muscles and skin are lifted and tightened with sutures that are hidden within the facial creases.  Liposuction can also be used to remove excess fat under the chin.  The results are more gradual following this surgery, appearing as swelling subsides and your new features will emerge.  There is recovery time as this is a surgical procedure but our patients find the results powerful and life-affirming. 

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