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Seeing is Believing: Vectra H1 3D Imaging

What if you could see your results before you get facial plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment?

Now you can!

Our VECTRA H1 3D imaging system is a powerful tool Dr. Levine uses during consultations and treatment planning to set expectations and help patients visualize results.

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We love seeing our patients get excited about their upcoming procedures. VECTRA H1 3D allows us to show our patients the results they can expect from all angles. It has several features to help us do that.


The Gray Mode lets us focus on your features without the distraction of color, which is extremely helpful in showing areas that could benefit from non-invasive procedures, as well as corrective surgical treatments.


We’re big fans of VECTRA H1’s Subsurface Skin Imaging, which gives us insight into skin conditions. This helps us share with our patients what is happening to their skin. We can then use the imaging to put together the best treatment plan, tailored specifically for them.


Automated Measurement technology allows us to take measurements from ideal facial angles and ratios that are known to be pleasing to the human eye. This helps Dr. Levine plan ratio-altering procedures like rhinoplasty, lip, cheek and chin fillers, and more.

Finally, the Volume Difference tool allows us to focus in on a photo of the patient’s face, to identify areas that could benefit from the added volume.


The best part?

You get to take home a printed copy of your expected results from the VECTRA H1 imaging consultation.


Come experience how VECTRA H1 technology will make your office consultation even more exciting.


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