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Post-Summer Treatments

Post-Summer Treatments

The deliciously cool days of fall are nearly here and it is the perfect time to treat yourself to a post-summer pick-me-up.  Here are some of our favorite, amazing non-invasive treatment options that will lift your spirit as well as have you looking and feeling your best before the holiday season:   A non-surgical nose […]

Surgery or Fillers: Which Nose Job is Right for You?

Is a non-surgical nose job right for you? Dr. Jennifer Levine is nationally recognized for her rhinoplasty results – but not everyone who walks into her Upper East Side office looking to refine their nose is recommended the surgical procedure. In some cases, Dr. Levine recommends a faster, non-surgical approach: Fillers. Cosmetic fillers that are […]

5 Interesting Facts About Rhinoplasty

Commonly referred to as nose job, Rhinoplasty in NY is the most popular facial cosmetic procedure. Rhinoplasty can aesthetically enhance the nose and its function by altering its structure. Although some are concerned that rhinoplasty may give them the “Michael Jackson” look, it doesn’t have to. Working with facial plastic surgery experts like Dr. Jennifer […]