The danger triangle on the face, also known as the “triangle of death” or the “nasolabial triangle”, refers to the section of the face from the bridge of the nose to the corners of the mouth. The area is in the shape of a triangle, with the tip of the triangle in the medial position of the eye and the base covering the upper lip.

This little portion of the face has a direct connection to the brain; this link is made possible by the cavernous sinus, a web of vast veins located behind the eye sockets. This area is linked through blood vessels to regions of the skull where infections can spread instantaneously and become more critical.

Due to the unique nature of the blood supply to the human nose and surrounding area, it is dangerous for infections to occur around this area as it could spread to delicate organs. 

If you are considering the popular procedure non-surgical nose job – also known as liquid rhinoplasty – it’s important to choose a board certified provider with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy to avoid complications such as vascular occlusion. Dr. Jennifer Levine is an award-wining, double board-certified rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC with over 10,000 nasal procedures completed. Call 347.960.4909 now to schedule your treatment.

If the skin inside this triangle is broken, like from a cut or popped pimple, bacteria can enter the body and cause infection. Due to its proximity to critical portions of the brain, the infection can quickly lead to serious complications, including cavernous sinus thrombosis, meningitis, brain abscess, or even death. Staph infection is one of the major infections in the danger triangle.

Cavernous sinus thrombosis is one of the major complications that affect the brain caused by these infections that result in blood clots in the sinus. This shows that infections resulting from open acne wounds or pulled hair follicles on the face can pose serious health risks.

How To Prevent Infections in the Danger Triangle

Though the invention of antibiotics has made infections in this area unusual, prevention of the infection altogether is best advised. These infections can be prevented via the following hygiene habits:

  • Avoid popping zits. Use the Nordlys Photofacial IPL for effective treatment of acne.
  • Avoid hands touching the face frequently, and wash make-up brushes often.
  • Avoid going to bed with makeup on.
  • Avoid picking the nose; use a tissue to clean the nose instead. 
  • Don’t pluck nose hairs; trim instead.
  • Some teeth sit within the danger triangle; therefore, good dental hygiene helps to prevent abscesses.
  • Moisturize your face regularly to prevent cracking or peeling.

Treatment possibilities

One effective way of preventing or remedying infections within the danger triangle is by contacting a certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Levine. You need a professional who can treat acne and properly help remove facial hair. Using the Nordlys multi-purpose machine, our certified professional treats pimples and removes facial hairs in a way that prevents the chances of infection.

How does Photofacial IPL treatment work?

The IPL device directs pulses of light into the top layer of the skin within which acne forms. The light is then absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood vessels, which supply the sebaceous glands. Hemoglobin converts the light energy into heat, thus, destroying the walls of these blood vessels. This cuts off blood supply to the sebaceous glands, and helps resolve and reduce breakouts.

Early diagnosis and proper treatments are best to prevent the possibility of an infection in the danger triangle. If an unusual pimple or boil is noticed, it should be left alone, monitored closely, while you contact a certified professional who can help diagnose your situation and provide the right remedy for your skin infection.

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