Top Anti-Aging Treatments to Try in 2020

In November, I gathered with colleagues from across in the world in beautiful Munich, Germany for Merz Aesthetics conference. One of my favorite aspects of attending such events is learning about the innovative treatments and their use that are not yet available in the United States. Besides being able to learn from my colleagues and sharing my knowledge with them, it gets me excited for what we are and will be able to offer our patients on the Upper East Side of Manhattan!

While you may not be familiar with the name Merz Aesthetics, you have likely heard of their products that focus on rejuvenation. Here are the Merz treatments and products we currently offer to our patients:

Ultherapy – Winner of “Top Non-Surgical Procedure” from Aesthetic Everything, and winner of the New Beauty Award for 6 years in a row among other prestigious awards, it is one of my favorite treatments for uplifting and tightening skin. Using ultrasound technology, Ultherapy promotes the production of collagen which naturally tightens and uplifts skin.  I believe it to be one of the most innovative anti-aging technologies on the market today as it addresses the same layers of skin that a surgical facelift does, rejuvenating from inside out.

Xeomin – A close relative of Botox, Xeomin is the only clinically proven anti-wrinkle injection uniquely purified to remove unnecessary proteins. It is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in frown lines.

Radiesse – Besides our face and neck, what is another part of our body that is rarely hidden? Our hands! Due to the thin skin on top of our hands, signs of aging appear here first. Radiesse has won the “Quick Fix for Better-Looking Hands” award from NewBeauty and it stands true to its title. Our patients love how it turns back the clock on the appearance of their hands.

Belotero – Belotero is a dermal filler that is utilized to smooth out moderate to severe facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds around the lips and mouth. Made of hyaluronic acid (HA), it has unique properties that allow it to adapt within the skin for soft correction of deep lines such as nasolabial folds as well as soft areas such as vertical lip lines.

NEOCUTIS – I often recommend this skincare product, especially for its eye creams. Learn more about NEOCUTIS here.

Which treatment is right for you?  Each patient is unique and will benefit from a consultation to determine the best treatment plan for their individual goals. In many cases, I combine treatments to achieve the best results.

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