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Top Winter Treatments for a Summer Body

Are you already longing for gorgeous summer days, walking with your bare feet in the warm sand? So are we! And summer bodies are made in the winter.

Now is the perfect time to schedule some winter treatments that will boost your confidence and ensure that you’re ready to hit the beach this summer. 


Remove Unwanted Hair with Nordlys

An ideal treatment to achieve your ultimate summer body is removing unwanted hair. Save time and avoid the unnecessary need to maintain hair removal during the warm months by having laser hair removal now. Developed to be effective on all skin tones and types, the Nordlys system is faster and less painful than most hair removal technology. It is perfect for the legs, bikini line, armpits and face. By using “Selective Photothermolysis”- controlled pulses of light are able to penetrate the epidermis- or outermost layer of skin. Light is absorbed by melanin in the hair that is located in the follicle and the melanin converts the light energy into heat. The heat is transferred to the hair follicle and renders the follicle unable to produce new hair. This technique is proven effective for long-lasting hair removal as it impacts the hair follicle directly at the place where the individual hair grows. In just four to six treatments, you’ll see results that can last for a decade. This safe and non-invasive treatment requires no downtime and is a great option to prepare your body for the beach.


Body Sculpting with EmSculpt NEO 

When you work out regularly and eat well but just can’t achieve the results you expect to see for your effort, EmSculpt NEO is the treatment for you. This incredible technology is safe and has been cleared by the FDA for muscle toning, fat reduction and skin tightening. With EmSculpt NEO, you’ll be able to burn fat quickly, tone your body and build muscle. Three to four 30-minute sessions is the equivalent of 6-12 months of exercise and diet.  If you’ve ever taken a HIIT class at your favorite gym or on a popular platform like Peloton, just imagine that EmSculpt NEO takes those same muscle contractions deeper and can target areas like the abdominal muscles that even exercise can’t reach. By using high-intensity focused electromagnetic fields with radiofrequency heating, EmSculpt NEO is able to burn fat fast as well as tighten the fibers of the muscle. The treatments are painless, safe and require no recovery time so you’ll never need to alter your schedule to fit in these sessions. EmSculpt NEO is available to tone and strengthen the inner and outer thighs, buttocks, calves, arms and abs. 


Trust your body to Dr. Jennifer Levine, who can help make your summer aesthetic goals a reality. One of only a few surgeons who is double-board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, Dr. Levine has the knowledge and skill to help create believable results that truly enhance a person’s beauty and confidence.

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