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Ultherapy: Non-Surgical Facelift May be Your Best Choice

If you are seeking the contouring and tightening that a traditional surgical facelift provides without going under the knife, there are other options for you. Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared treatment that employs ultrasound to execute a lifting of the facial tissue.  It is non-invasive and referred to as a “lunch-time,” treatment since you can have the procedure and go on with your day, without losing a moment to downtime. 

The beauty of Ultherapy is that it actually targets the same layers of tissue that a surgical facelift does. Helping patients who are struggling with mild to moderate skin laxity around the face and neck, Ultherapy tightens the foundational layers, SMAS and Platysma, which are responsible for supporting the skin.   

How does it work?  By depositing focused ultrasound energy to the deep layers of skin, the body will start to stimulate new collagen.  Collagen is responsible for the youthful appearance of our skin and as we age, our collagen production slows down, resulting in sagging, lax skin.  When you have an ample supply of this natural protein, your skin will appear toned and firm.  Ultherapy stimulates our body to produce collagen so our skin will start to lift and tone. 

Ultherapy has advantages for those who are considering a tightening procedure for their face.  The treatment is non-surgical so there is no downtime, while traditional plastic surgery requires a 10-14 day period of recovery time while the swelling subsides before you can return back to your regular activity.  Strenuous activity is to be avoided after surgery for 3 weeks if you have a surgical facelift.  With Ultherapy, you won’t miss your afternoon Peloton Power Zone class- even on the day of your treatment! 

Another benefit of Ultherapy is the gradual results that will look natural to your family, coworkers and friends.  If you’re among the many patients who want to have work done without it looking like you’ve just had a procedure, Ultherapy is perfect for you.  The results look natural and increases occur over time. 

If you have a medical restriction that prevents you from undergoing a surgical procedure like a facelift, Ultherapy is the perfect alternative.  With a facelift, “Twilight” or general anesthesia is necessary but not with Ultherapy. And when it comes to financial consideration, a session of Ultherapy is approximately one-quarter of the price of facelift surgery. 

Ultherapy is completely safe, as documented in a multitude of clinical studies that resulted in its FDA clearance.  Ultrasound energy has been used in the medical field for over five decades, rendering it extremely safe.  Tens of thousands of non-surgical Ultherapy facelift treatments have been performed safely around the world, so you can have confidence in scheduling your treatment. 

Another perk of Ultherapy is that it is used not only for rejuvenation but for pre-rejuvenation. Patients in their 20’-s and 30’-s are discovering the wonder of Ultherapy to maintain their youthful appearance and stay ahead of the aging process by utilizing this collagen-stimulating procedure proactively just as their natural collagen production begins to slow down.  There’s no more effective uplifting treatment than Ultherapy. 

Call 646.362.5245 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Levine, a world-renowned expert on skin tightening with Ultherapy.  Not only does Dr. Levine provide Ultherapy to her patients, but she is a passionate educator, teaching her peers how to achieve the best results using this incredible procedure.